Visit to my GP

Today was the day for my four weekly visit to my GP.  After almost three weeks of a renewed focus on my health I was expecting to see something on her scales.  According to her scales – no difference from four weeks ago.  She was very supportive and reminded me that the huge change in my exercise habits was far more important than the numbers on the scale.

She was very impressed by my renewed passion for exercise.  She said she had never heard me speak so positively about my exercise efforts and plans.  She thinks that if I can keep up what I’ve already started, and improve on it (I’m not doing everything on the plan as yet) I should be able to lose 15 kgs by the City2Surf, and thereby achieve my goal of doing it in a better time than 2010.

And the best thing – we chatted for a while – and Lap Band surgery was not mentioned!  It doesn’t mean its off the agenda yet, and I do understand why.  And I’m not ruling it out entirely, its just not my first choice on how to get a handle on this problem.

Tuesday Zumba

Tonight I went along to the Tuesday night class with Marcela instructing.  It was my fourth hour long Zumba class.  There were over thirty other Zumba lovers there on this chilly autumn night.  What great fun it was to be a part of a bigger group.  Angela was also there as a guest instructor, and she led some of the tracks/dances.

My coordination is getting better, and I can keep up with most of the movements.  I even got a little hip action going tonight.  I “walk” through some of the more exuberant jumpy movements – as my fitness improves I’ll get a handle on those.  My right knee hurts a little on some of the bends – so I take it carefully – remembering what Fiona said at my first class about listening to my body. 

I worked up a sweat and released a whole lot of endorphins.  I’m going to have a lot of fun side stepping the lap band surgery!