My goals

Well obviously I want to discard 78 kgs – hopefully I’ll be close to meeting that goal by the end of the summer months in 2013.  However, I know that if that was what I judged my progress on it would be a very tedious journey.  And at times the goal would no doubt seem insurmountable.

So, the goals I will focus on will be relatively short term and behaviour focussed.  I want to experience success.  And if I experience success in the behaviour related goals, then theoretically the kilograms will seemingly melt away.  Thanks to a couple of challenges I have signed up for on have given me both short term and mid-term goals.

Short term goals – Behaviour related

13/6/11 to 19/6/11 – 30 minutes on treadmill Monday – Saturday, ramping up the incline as much as possible.  (Week 3 challenge for Twilight Challenge.)  This one is going to be tricky – have to get up at 5.30am each morning to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/7/11 – Zumba workouts at least three times a week (Zumba Challenge)

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 -Track calories eaten every day on

13/6/11 to 31/7/11 – Achieve 100 workouts at Curves.  Currently at 81 workouts, need to consistently go 3 times a week to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 – Walk 216 kilometres on treadmill.  Possible if I consistently walk 30 minutes 6 times a week.

Mid term goals – Achievable if I achieve short term behaviour goals.

14/8/11 – Complete the City2Surf in under 3 hours.

18/11/11 – Have discarded a total of 22kgs for the Breaking Dawn premiere. (Twilight Challenge)

Trudging on the treadmill

My new routine on Sunday mornings is to go for a long walk – 2 hours.  Last time I did this from home I covered just under 9.5kms.  Today the weather wasn’t that good so I decided on a long walk on my treadmill instead.  I was pleased with my efforts – 7kms in 1 hour.

I know walking on the treadmill is different to walking out in the real world – but if I can work on this pace – and add in more inclines than I did today, I have a shot at doing the city2surf in two hours!  The main thing is today proves to me that if I continue to train and work at it I can definitely do the 2011 city2surf in under 3 hours.  (Inclines – today for the first time I kept the incline up at 2 for over 50 minutes – and increased it to 4 for short intervals.)

But here’s the thing – how many calories can I count for this hour of exercise?  According to the treadmill its 650 calories.  My runkeeper app says 446 calories.  And says 980 calories!  Well, I’ve left the entry of 980 calories on myfitnesspal.  However, rest assured I don’t intend to eat all those calories tonight!

Birthday present to myself!

This morning I did a Curves smart workout.  It was my 81st workout at Curves since joining in 2008.  When I get to 100 workouts I will get my 100 workout tshirt.  If I workout three times a week consistently, I will achieve my 100th workout by the end of July.  A little after my birthday – but on the day of my birthday the end will be in sight!

I was pleased with my workout today.  Total calories burned were 409.  And I achieved green dots on all but two of the muscles.  Most machines I go over 10 reps  – some I consistently got 12 reps in the thirty seconds.  And the second time on the squats I got to 9, doing nice deep squats with good posture.

There will be no Curves on Monday becuase of the Public Holiday – so I will try and squeeze in an extra workout on Tuesday.

Shift in Attitude!

Today is Tuesday, so that means an evening Zumba class.  I was looking forward to it all day.  And then during the drive to the class I couldn’t wait to start moving to the music.  I can hardly believe it!   I can’t remember when I last looked forward to doing exercise like that!  Sometime back in the 1990’s no doubt.

The class was great fun – I can’t believe an hour goes by so quickly.  And despite the fact it was 8 degrees celsius outside (and probably inside too) I was working up a sweat in no time.

 So, if you’re trying to find an exercise that is fun and you can join in with whatever your fitness level, I highly recommend giving Zumba a go.

And if you try it and you’re not too sure – try again with a different instructor.  I am doing classes (including the Curves circuits) with three different instructors.  I really enjoy all the classes – however, the classes are different because of the different personalities of the instructors.  But what they do have in common is fun choreography and infectious rhythms.  Its changed my outlook entirely.  So much so, that I am quite disappointed that the Saturday morning class isn’t on this weekend because of the long weekend. 😦 As I drove home I kept thinking, “What will I do on Saturday????”  And then I realised I can do one of my Zumba DVDs.  No excuses for not moving daily.

So, Zumba or no Zumba, find something you like doing – something that makes you smile.  And before you know it you’ll be looking forward to exercise too.

Weigh and Measure June 2011

I did my monthly weigh and measure this afternoon at Curves.

Results are :

Weight          155.6kg                Down 0.9kg
Bust               Down 1.5cm
Waist             Up 4cm ????
Abdomen    Down 2cm
Hips               Up 1.5cm
Thighs          Down 5cm 
Arms            Down 1cm 
Body fat      Down 0.2%
BMI              Down 0.27
Not outstanding results – but I have lost almost a kilo, and I am pleased about that since there was a two week lapse in my plan since the May weigh in.  The trainers at Curves were very encouraging and supportive.  I know I can do this!

MS Walk 2011

Today was the MS Walk and Fun Run.  I entered the 9km walk around Sydney.  The walk took me from Hyde Park, down Martin Place towards Darling Harbour, through the Rocks and under the Harbour Bridge, past Circular Quay, around the Opera House, past the Botanic Gardens and around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, through the Domain and back to Hyde Park.

It was a bit chilly at 9.30am on the crisp winter morning.  MS Australia were selling red scarves and beanies to combat the cold.  Just about everyone was wearing red.  And there were red balloons being carried, red feather boas and red sequins galore.

The warm up before the start of the walk was a Zumba workout – complete with a Zumba instructor and Ricky Martin music.  It goes without saying that I really enjoyed that – although I had to be careful about flinging my arms around in the crowd.

The start of the walk was very slow – so it meant my speed for the walk was brought down, but the upside is that it meant there were many people participating to raise funds for MS, so that was great.

This is a shot of walkers heading towards the fountain in Hyde Park – you can see some of them holding the MS red flags, I had mine in my back pack.  I wouldn’t see this fountain again until I had walked almost 9kms.

It turned out to be such a beautiful day!  There were no road closures for the walk, so the walk down Martin Place was punctuated by stops at traffic lights – but this changed once we got to the Rocks, were I was able to pick up my pace.  I felt a bit like a tourist on a sightseeing walk in the city.

This is the first glimpse of the bridge in its entirety – and the first visual landmark.  I would be walking under the bridge soon.

Here I am at the 3km mark and the Opera House has come into view.  I did the last kilometre in 10 minutes and twenty-eight seconds – so that really helped my average after the slowish first two kilometres. 

The Opera House itself is my next goal – I’ll be walking around it’s perimeter, I can see red shirted participants from here doing just that right now.  That’s a whole kilometre away!

By Circular Quay my paced slowed – due to the large number of actual tourists I had to weave in and out of along the route.  It was a glorious day on the harbour – no wonder so many people rave about it!  The couple of kilometres around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair were the toughest as they involved a couple of hills, I was so pleased my average time didn’t go above 14 minutes a kilometre at those points.

It took me 1 hour, 53 minutes and 9 seconds to complete the course.  My average speed was 13.29 minutes/kilometre.  I am happy with that as it included the very slow start and then all the stops at the traffic lights in the first couple of kilometres.  I am planning next year to do the 16km walk!  (Or dare I say maybe even the 8km run on the north side of the Harbour?)  Why don’t you make it a goal to participate – it’s held in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Back in the groove

Just back from a Zumba workout.  I realised just how much I’ve missed it once I got going.  It was a packed class, it was a special class, a fundraiser for a local Out Of School Hours Centre.  Its great when there are so many people joining in.  So glad I gave it a go!

Looking forward to the 9km walk tomorrow.  I have treated myself to some new tracks on my iPhone for my walking playlist.  As long as I can do it in under 2 hours I’ll be happy.   I’ll be using the runkeeper app on my iPhone – it helps keep me motivated to do my best time.

Its a fundraiser for MS – and its not too late to make a donation by sponsoring me – even if you’re reading this after I’ve done the walk 😉

Of course, if you are reading this an hour or so before the start time and you live in Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney its not too late to enter yourself.  In Sydney there are also  5km and 16km walks as well.  The 9km walk in Sydney will go around Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Sydney Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

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