Healthy Heart Challenge

I have signed up for the 10 week Healthy Heart Challenge.

My goal is to be active every day. 

Between my son being in hospital on 1/6/11 and a bad head cold since then I haven’t gotten off to the best possible start.  However, on 1/6/11 I did as much incidental activity as possible, by using the ramps and not the lift in the hospital to get from one floor to another.

And tomorrow I intend to do a Zumba class and hit my treadmill.

So, by the end of ten weeks I intend to be a lot healthier by sticking with this challenge.  I’ll also be in the best shape I can be in this point in my life when I do the City2Surf.

As well as losing weight I would hope these other health indicators have improved…

Waist circumference     124cm

Cholesterol                        TC 2.0    LDL    2.3    HDL   1.6   (The TC one is no good at the moment.)

Blood pressure                 130/80

Blacktown City Fun Run 2011

Well I didn’t run – I walked a whole 10kms! And I did it in 1 hour and 58 minutes and some seconds.  My aim was to do it in 2 hours so I’m pleased with that.

That’s me in the purple shirt at the 1km mark.

And here I am at the finish line. And I’m pleased to say I can almost manage a smile.


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