My first Sri Chinmoy event

11th September, 2011

Centennial Park, Sydney – 4km cross country course

Here I am at the start – not my best angle 😉

I walked the 4km – official finishing time was 43:31.

When I crossed the finishing line – well behind the last person – I got a big smile and a “well done” from the official standing there!  Next time I aim to do it faster.  And maybe one day (in 2013) a half marathon???

This was the day before 12wbt started – so I was so primed and ready for day 1 after this.

12wbt Blogging Challenge – A Picture of Health

What is a picture of health?

To be at a healthy BMI.

To no longer be morbidly obese.

To not have to worry excessively about Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart problems, being in that pine box before my time.

Whenever I have worked at losing weight in the past it has always been for vanity related reasons – you know – “I wanna be a size 10”.  But this time it’s all about being healthy for the rest of my life.

I’m making changes now I’m going to maintain for the rest of my life.  I’ve started down a positive path now, and there’s no turning back.  I am determined that I am not going to need lap band surgery to get to a healthy weight.

After six and half weeks of changing my life I’m enjoying exercise and enjoying good healthy food in sensible portions.  And, probably most importantly, I’ve got a healthy attitude towards myself and a belief that I can achieve.

My current BMI is 42.28. I’ll be doing round after round of 12wbt until my BMI is under 25.  Then I’ll feel like I’m healthy.

Where have I been???

I’ve been here, slogging away at the 12wbt.  My mantra is JFDI.  The last week of the school term was a little crazy – and the new training regime was making me feel tired, but I think I’m through that now!

And great news!  This morning at the weekly weigh in my weight was 141.6 kgs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s 3.2kgs discarded in the last week.

7.1 kgs since the Monday of week 1.

13.4 kgs  since the beginning of preseason.

Am I happy or what!

12wbt Blog Challenge – Introduce Yourself

1. Describe yourself in 25 words or less. You can get straight to the point – or bring your creativity into play. 

Someone who thought she knew it all – but realises now she has a lot to learn about herself.

An ex Weight Watchers leader – who up until 4 weeks and 4 days ago felt like a total failure.

2. What brings you to 12wbt? Getting fitter? Losing weight? (Gaining weight??) Are you first timer, a repeat offender?? 

This is my first round of 12wbt.  I have joined 12wbt to discard about 75kgs – half my current weight.  Since joining I’ve decided to keep going with 12wbt once I get to my goal weight of 77kgs – I want to be lean and strong and as fit as I can be!

3. Why do you blog?? 

A few reasons.  To get my thoughts and feelings off my chest.  To keep a record of my journey.  To communicate with others also on the 12wbt journey.  To offer my support to other members in achieving their goals.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why (doesn’t have to be weight loss)

The Dalai Lama.  He is a truly inspiring individual who has helped so many people find true happiness.  Because of the actions of others, his life has not gone the way it should have – and yet he has continued to fulfill his destiny and spread his message of peace and love.  He has never given up on what is important.

5. What things in life bring you the most joy?

Spending time with my husband, my children, cooking, reading, bushwalking, travelling, live theatre, Zumba, Body Pump and visiting Solar Springs with my mum – only 255 days until our next visit!  Basically, anything that makes me smile!  I hope soon to count yoga and running on this list – especially as they are pursuits which used to bring me joy.

6.What do you think your greatest challenge is going to be this round?

Getting underway with the c25k program – any day now 😉 and RPM – first class 6am tomorrow – not looking forward to the sore bum 😦

7. What are you most excited about 12wbt? 

Michelle Bridge’s enthusiasm and passion, the transformations which have already taken place, the empowerment I feel already after 4 weeks of preseason and 2 days of the 12 weeks.

Eating clean, exercising mean and learning how to hold myself in higher esteem.

8. And what scares the pants off you?

That I will sprain my ankle (they are both dodgy) and won’t be able to exercise.

9. Tell me – right now – today – how do you feel about exercise in no more than 10 words

Love how good I feel after I exercise!

10. Complete this sentence – in 12 weeks time – on the last day of 12wbt I am going to be feeling like a better version of myself – totally transformed and ready for the next round.

Thank you Mish!

Watched my first live chat session tonight.  Posted a question about how ,many heartbeats per minute I should be aiming for given my age (not oLD), weight and fitness level.  I was absolutely thrilled when Mish answered it and went into detail, and was so encouraging.

But it got better!  And the end of the chat Mish gave two members whose questions were answered a Polar HRM.  And I was lucky enough to be one of them!

So the moral of the story.  Don’t be afraid to ask a question – you never know what might happen!  And put the time and date for the next live chat in your diary!  I will be :).

What question will you ask Mish?

No longer oLD

A couple of years ago when I weighed at least 165kgs I got on my scales at home and they said oLD.  I thought that’s a bit rude I’m only 43!  I got again, and they said the same thing.  And then I looked at the back to see if there was something wrong with the battery, and I noticed they had a limit of 150kgs.  So the oLD meant I had overloaded the scales.  I was horrified.  But unfortunately, not horrified enough to take positive action.

So this time last year I know I was still 165kgs.  At the start of this 12wbt preseason I was 155kgs.  I tried getting on the scales last week – and when I couldn’t even get them to come on (despite having replaced the battery) I decided to order a basic set from Tanita – which gives 12wbt members a discount.  It was a risk, because they only weigh up to 150kgs.

This morning I stepped on my shiny new scales for the first time.  And I am pleased to say my weight was 148.3kgs!  After three and a half weeks of preseason changes I have discarded 7kgs.

I am no longer oLD.


Breakdown and Breakthrough …………….

This is a reprint from my forum post tonight – in response to the preseason task released today.

Be aware there were tears as I was writing it.

And then when my hubby came home – I watched the video again with him and cried again, earlier in the video this time and for longer.  We then talked it through – I basically talked him through what is written below.  And we are going to do it together.

Here’s my post:

I just watched the video twice.

First time I told myself – I don’t need to throw that stuff out – I don’t buy it for me I buy it for hubby and kids. Then 10 yr old daughter saw what Mish was doing and said “You’re not going to do that are you?” My feeble reply at that point – “I don’t know.”

Then I listened to what Michelle was saying about my responsibility as a parent and I cried. Both my kids are active and at healthy weights and eat (most  ) of their vegies – 13yr old son is at Martial Arts class now. But what does the future hold for them if I don’t do my job NOW ?

I knew what I was going to do.

Then I watched again and realised that when my family eat the treats I buy for them I often have just a taste or just one.  How many calories there I asked myself?

I didn’t get to be 165kgs by eating clean 120% of the time – that’s for sure.

I’m demanding change – and that bin is coming in the kitchen.