No longer oLD

A couple of years ago when I weighed at least 165kgs I got on my scales at home and they said oLD.  I thought that’s a bit rude I’m only 43!  I got again, and they said the same thing.  And then I looked at the back to see if there was something wrong with the battery, and I noticed they had a limit of 150kgs.  So the oLD meant I had overloaded the scales.  I was horrified.  But unfortunately, not horrified enough to take positive action.

So this time last year I know I was still 165kgs.  At the start of this 12wbt preseason I was 155kgs.  I tried getting on the scales last week – and when I couldn’t even get them to come on (despite having replaced the battery) I decided to order a basic set from Tanita – which gives 12wbt members a discount.  It was a risk, because they only weigh up to 150kgs.

This morning I stepped on my shiny new scales for the first time.  And I am pleased to say my weight was 148.3kgs!  After three and a half weeks of preseason changes I have discarded 7kgs.

I am no longer oLD.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nic
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 13:22:38

    I am already so happy for you. I can’t wait to see you transform xx


  2. Vikki (@shehascuteshoes)
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 18:19:34

    Oh I laughed out loud at the oLD !

    And Hurrah and the loss! Already! Go you! 🙂



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