My first Sri Chinmoy event

11th September, 2011

Centennial Park, Sydney – 4km cross country course

Here I am at the start – not my best angle 😉

I walked the 4km – official finishing time was 43:31.

When I crossed the finishing line – well behind the last person – I got a big smile and a “well done” from the official standing there!  Next time I aim to do it faster.  And maybe one day (in 2013) a half marathon???

This was the day before 12wbt started – so I was so primed and ready for day 1 after this.

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  1. Rebecca Vavic
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 10:47:44

    Seriously, there are minimal “nice” photos of us in race mode, just forget about that… chortle chortle!!
    There is one ( a few) of me in C2S with my belly poking out the bottom of my
    t-shirt… not what I expected to see when I loaded my pics.
    Oh well… live and learn, next time I make sure I wear a bigger, baggier top!
    You know, you are doing what so many people only dream, or wistfully wish… you are DOING IT… and every day you are becoming stronger and faster.
    I look forward to reading all about your training and then your first half race event in 2013.
    I think you have an inner athlete trying to unleash *grin* you certainly have the mindset of one!!


    • noni22
      Oct 06, 2011 @ 19:26:36

      I saw my doctor after I sprained my ankle last week. Good news – 🙂 – not a break and probably not a tear. Bad news 😦 she said explicitly no jogging for the time being. So I guess I won’t be going in the next Sri Chinmoy event in Sydney – hopefully I’ll be back for the November one and I’ll be jogging part of the way.


  2. Rebecca Vavic
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 11:04:05

    Oiw, I thought you might like this too:



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