I may not have burned 1000 calories, but I sure had a Super Saturday!

Today was the day for Outdoor Fitness Fun with Michelle Bridges – part of “Australia’s Biggest Health Check”.  I considered not going because of my sprained ankle.  I considered not going because of the overcast weather, and the forecast for showers. I am very glad I made the 75 minute trek to Leichhardt Oval 3.

It was quite overcast when we arrived but the weather held off.  It was great actually seeing Mish for the first time.  After she had been there for a while, someone “official” came over to us and asked us would we be in the background – exercising – while Mish was interviewed live for the Sunrise weekend show.  How could we say no???

 In these photos Mish is giving us our instructions for the workout we had to do in the background while she was being interviewed.                                         







Rachel (12wbt Sydney Crew) led the exercises – mostly jogging around in circles, push-ups – and horror of horror – burpees!  When everyone else got down on the ground I remained upright and concentrated on avoiding the TV camera, as I didn’t know if I could get back up again with my dodgy ankle.

That done, we got ready for Mish’s first workout of the day.  That’s me there on the left in the photo below – complete with spare tyres!  (Blogger’s note: I can’t believe I’m actually posting an unflattering photo like that.)

 After a few words about the event we got underway with the workout.  I kept it low impact because of my ankle – still managed to burn 176 calories in the 25 minutes.  I haven’t got Mish’s DVDs – but I’m definitely getting them now!



It was such a great atmosphere – can’t wait for the finale now!  During the workout some officials were on the lookout for someone exercising well to recieve a $299 (Rebel Sports price) heart rate monitor – designed for running as it has built in GPS.  At the end of the first workout Mary from the 12wbt Sydney Crew won one.

Then we all got a hula hoop to keep – Priceline Pink in colour, so we could do a Hula Hoop workout.  Well, my Hula Hooping skills have not advanced from what they were in primary school – I think it’s called an epic fail.  I did manage to keep trying for 5 minutes and 29 seconds, with a calorie burn of 33 achieved!  Most of those calories were burned by laughing – I’m sure!





And the highlight of the morning – getting to meet Michelle.  My plan was to walk over (lots of other people waiting), smile for the camera and say thank you.

Instead I looked at her as she smiled at me and I started to tear up.  She said something like – “There’s a lot of emotion there.”  Then I started to blubber, and she started to talk to me – after checking that they were indeed happy tears.

I told her they were because I had lost 14kgs since the beginning of preseason.  It was wonderful to hear her say congratulations – and then give me a little pep talk – and of course I brought up my current ankle problem, and she was very supportive.

 I think I got so emotional because it really hit home what I have achieved the last 8 weeks – and it’s the first time I’ve said it out loud to someone besides Mr. G.

And look – she managed to get me smiling again!  I just hope I managed to get the words “Thank you” out!

(Blogger’s note: I know my shirt is a little snug – but I’m very pleased to say it is a size 22, and I have been wearing size 26.  I’ve got some size 24 clothes on lay-buy, I think its time to get them out!)

After this photo opportunity with Mish we went over to the photo tent.  We tried to get our whole group in the shot – we didn’t quite make it as you can see!

So then the photographer suggested we try 3 at a time. This was a much more successful – though as you can see the graphic on the cover of the magazine were set up for one person – not many people would choose to have a stethoscope land in the middle of their forehead.

It was great being there with so many fellow members of the 12wbt Sydney Crew.  It was nice to put actual faces to the names and profile pics on Facebook and the 12wbt forums.

The event itself was good fun – and there was free bottle of water (with Shannan Ponton on the label), free Forme yoghurt and fruit.  The Men’s Health Magazine had a sausage sizzle – with wholemeal bread – but I stuck with the fruit and yoghurt.  We also got fab sample bags from Priceline.  There were free mini massages and free Heart health Checks, and Mish interviewing the sponsors on stage.

We had a group photo taken with Mish and next thing it was time for Mish’s second workout of the day.  I was deciding wether to do it or not because of my ankle – and I thought JFDI – I mean, how often will I get to do a group fitness class led by Mish – I decided just to keep it low impact again, and stop if I needed to do so.

And am I glad I did.  Not only did I manage to burn 124 calories in the 20 minutes but I also won a Garmin Forerunner 110 Heart Rate Monitor with GPS – just like the one in the picture below.  What an incentive to get back into learning to run again as soon as my ankle is ready! Another member of the Sydney Crew also got a Garmin in the second workout!

I got the cute grey and pink one in the middle 🙂

After feeling a bit blah all week I feel on top of the world now!

I’m not alone on my journey – and I can do this!  Who needs motivation when you can JFDI!  My favourite music from the workout – I think it must be called “Scream if you want to go faster” – going to look for it on iTunes now.

What would you say to Michelle if you met her tomorrow?









4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maureen Tullio
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 23:25:28

    Oh Noni, what a fantastic day you had – so happy for you and you struggled through it all with your ankle being sore – what a tough woman !

    What a great reward you had – meeting Michelle and winning a prize – the universe certainly is on your side, great going. And a huge congratulations on your weight loss – fantastic.

    Look forward to reading how you go for the rest of the 12 weeks.

    Maureen xx


    • noni22
      Oct 09, 2011 @ 20:51:34

      Thanks so much Maureen 🙂 It was such a special day – and to think I was contemplating not going! Do you have a blog?
      Leonie xx


  2. Rebecca Vavic
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 10:13:40

    You are awesome 🙂
    Well done.
    BTW, I think the top looks fine, and you can post these pics because you are making progress everyday towards your goal.
    VERY proud of you and for you.
    This post made me a little teary.
    Super happy for you 🙂
    GO GIRL !!!


    • noni22
      Oct 09, 2011 @ 20:48:15

      Thank you so much for the kind words Rebecca. I am so pleased about actually getting into that shirt – I ordered it a few weeks ago and I went two sizes down hoping I’d fit into it for the finale workout. 🙂
      Leonie x


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