That was the year that was!

I am doing an Art Journal Challenge with Bec from her fitmumma blog.  The challenge is to create an artistic response to do with our health and fitness in 2012.  Our “journal” can take any form, including digital.  I have chosen a Visual Art Diary – using various media.

This week’s challenge is 2011 Achievements.  I am going to get to work on the task tomorrow.  So here is my preliminary list for the page…..

* 18kgs closer to a healthy weight.

* A huge improvement in my nutrition.

* Proving I can burn 1000 calories in one Super Saturday Session.

* Completing the City2Surf – especially when I felt like sitting down half way up Heartbreak Hill.

* Not giving up on the 12wbt.

* Understanding that I have to be tougher on myself when I start to make excuses.

* Understanding that there is no need to beat myself up if I am not perfect.

* Proving I can JFDI and get up for a 6am group fitness class on the way to work.

* Following through with my promise to myself to give up alcohol for the 12 weeks of Round 3.

I will post a picture of the page after it is finished tomorrow.

The link to the challenge is

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