The Awesome 30+ Crew

When I first joined the 12wbt forums in Round 3 2011 – little did I now I was going to stumble upon a fabulous support crew who were going to play an important part in my journey.  The website offered forums for members based on how much weight they had to lose – among many other things.  So naturally I clicked on the 30+ kgs page.  Straight away I felt at home and felt that people understood me. At the end of the round, we started to become more active on Facebook, and a group of us set up a challenge to assist us in keeping a good mindset in between Round 3 and Round 1.

Being a member of the 30+ Crew has helped me stay focused, in between rounds and now during Round 1 2012.  There are so many inspirational and supportive people in the group.  When we feel good about something we post, and everyone celebrates together.  When someone is struggling they post, and there are lots of other members of the crew to offer support, advice or a shoulder to cry on.  When someone has a question – they ask – and the question gets answered. As far as I know the only negative thing discussed is how many members bought a dress for the finale thinking it would fit in May, and then find out a couple of weeks later it is too big.

For me the members of the group have inspired me to push myself to do things I thought were impossible.  I will always be really grateful for the change in attitude I was able to achieve.

Week 10 saw the Weekly Surprise Challenge of making a video or written blog of your journey.  We decided to make a group video blog.

The great thing about 12wbt members though is that it doesn’t seem to matter whether they have 5, 55 or 105 kgs to lose, or are members to become “Lean & Strong” or “Lean & Fit”, they all seem to understand what it means for another member to be making this journey, to be the best version of themselves.

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