Be careful what you wish for

Once I get back to Sydney there will be a post about the actual finale workout. There is so much I want to say about the experience.

This post is about just one way in which the workout has had a positive affect on my life.

The first crew tshirt I noticed as we were warming up was the back of a blue crew. Its one of my fabourite. Their slogan –
Mish’n  Possible
Love the sentiment, and I’m always partial to a play on words. 

So before I knew it, the circuit part of the workout  had begun and  Mr G and I headed to the nearest stage. You know how it’s always best to do the thing you dislike most first? Well that’s what we got to do. Push ups and planks – and not just static ones – dynamic ones too.  And at this strength station, my all time favourite plyometric exercise the Burpee.

I put my hands on the ground and said JFDI to myself and nothing happened. I just can’t get my head around kicking my legs out straight behind me at the same time.

Now my epic fail at the Burpee would be the end of this post except that at that point, in her capacity if roving trainer,  Mish was at our station. And I was acting like a rabbit caught in the headlights. So I attempted a modified Burpee, which I’m sure no one would recognise as any type of exercise.

And that’s when for the first time since starting 12wbt I wished I could do a Burpee.

I forgot to be careful what I wished for at that moment.

And back at the hotel with Mr G, I was catching up on twitter when I saw  a tweet from Amanda Cole which said “@77Noni legend effort!! You are doing great, so proud! Smash it up today! @MishBridges”

I replied “smashed – but need burpee lesson!”

Then Amanda replied “@77Noni well done!! Happy to provide lesson 🙂 @MishBridges”

See, I should  have been careful what I wished for, seriously.  Now if you don’t know Amanda Cole she was a winner of 12wbt Lean and Strong.  And if you follow the link on the right of this blog, you’ll see she is a personal trainer.  I have a PT session coming up soon. And I plan to do a PitP  workout again soon too.  That means I am going to bee to working at it until I master the Burpee.

But seriously, I think it’s one thing to be careful what you wish for – but it’s another thing to really want to achieve something you once thought was impossible.  And that’s what 12wbt is all about. It’s more than losing kilograms, it’s about gaining things too.

Confidence.  Belief in yourself. Ability to make the impossible possible.

And as we were jogging around at the next station the back of another crew tshirt said something which inspired me.


That was then, this is now

It would be hard to adequately to describe my level of excitement today as I prepared to leave for Melbourne, and then waited for the hour hand on the clock to tick around to three.

My colleagues would probably say I was literally jumping out of my skin.  I can’t remember when I was this excited about something in the last few years. And yet I wasn’t wishing away the hours – I really enjoyed my time spent teaching today. 

And that fundament shift in attitude is part of what I have gained being a member of 12wbt while I have been losing the kilograms. As well as having a much more positive outlook on all aspects of my life, I also appreciate the small things and I am aware of my feelings of gratitude for the things I used to take for granted.

Making the trip to Melbourne – I’m in the air as I type – is time for celebration for the things I have achieved since last August – as well as a time to think about my goals between now and the end of August 2012.

Arriving at the airport and getting off the long term parking shuttle bus I didn’t lose my breath while “running like a girl” (picture Elaine in Seinfeld) trying to keep up with long legged Mr G as he raced towards check in.

Walking through the shops and food court between the security check and the departure gate I wasn’t the least bit tempted by any of the food on offer. At lunch I had last night’s leftover green chicken curry, and was planning to have something yummy and low cal from room service once checked in – so a skim cap for afternoon tea was all I craved. No “treating” myself  with junk food.

I found the perfect bracelet for the Finale Party at an accessory shop in the airport – and it fit!

And sitting down in seat 5A – there was no trepidation about the seat belt being too small.

None of this would have happened before August 2011.

I would have been seriously out of breath walking quickly with my luggage. I would have obsessed wondering if I’d have time for Subway and a dessert.  I would have felt too self conscious walking into an accessory shop – forget about trying something on.  And I would have been hoping desperately – and breathing in with all my might while hoping – that I wouldn’t have to ask for a seatbelt extension.

As we left Sydney the plane headed north at first due to the prevailing headwinds. And I could see the route I had taken last year in the City2Surf all lit up. And I remembered the determination that got me through all 14 kilometers at 155kgs.

And as I traced the route from above tonight, I imagined completing the course at 100kgs (or dare I say less) in half the time. And the determination and consistency it would take to get me to those two goals.

As we approached the lights of Melbourne – I thought about how I had visited the city briefly three times over the last twenty years – so that meant I had a vague idea of where I would be, and how I would get there over the weekend.

And I realised that’s what the next fourteen weeks would be like. And that I was excited about expecting the unexpected.

Busy week being consistent

I really should be in bed right now, but Friday is my rest day, though I do have to pack my bag for the workout and party in Melbourne this weekend.  So the alarm is set for 5am regardless.  Probably too excited to sleep though!

Its been a great week.

* Last Friday my mind triumphed over my body, and I jogged that whole kilometre.

* Last Saturday at the gym, I held a plank on my toes longer than I had before.

* My BodyPump and Sh’Bam instructor paid me the biggest compliment ever on Saturday – it still brings me to tears when I think about what she said to me.

* I actually managed to hold a one legged quad stretch for more than three seconds.

* The trainer who writes my program for the gym gave me a compliment about how I was going as I was leaving the gym after my SSS.

* From Monday to Thursday I got up every morning at 5am to train.

* On Wednesday morning I couldn’t make the 6am RPM class as my car was being serviced and a colleague was picking me up – but I pulled out the JFDI card and did a DVD in my lounge room at 5.30am – a first for me.

* On Thursday at 6am BodyPump I focused really hard on good form in the squats and lunges, and went lower than I have before.  During the shoulder track, thanks to Karin the instructor, I realised I was lifting the weights too high – and low and behold the impossible became possible and I made it right through the track with the 2.5kg weights in each hand.


on Monday I went to get a new bra to wear with my frock for the Finale Party.  There will be no last minute tantrums this time.  Now, at my heaviest weight of 165kgs I was squeezing into size 26 clothing (some brands not even managing that), and I was wearing a 24GG bra.  I went to the DeBras store in Penrith, and said how I had lost weight and also wanted a bra to go with a particular dress.  After showing me just how much room I had in the 22FF I was wearing, the sales assistant came back and helped me into a pretty lacy number.  She did it up and asked if it was too tight.  I could breathe, so I said it was fine , ’cause it was fine.

Then I was squealing and literally doing a happy dance, as she told me it was a size 16G.

That made my week.

And it made my round.

Hanging in there no matter what is worth it.

Giving it 110% – my promise for next round, is going to see me really transform.

Shuffling One Friday and LMFAO

Here is what my lungs would have looked like this afternoon about 4.30pm.

About twenty minutes later I’m sure they didn’t look like that any longer.  In fact, I think one half of them is lying somewhere on the southern side of the walking track at the Sydney International Regatta Centre.

Let me explain.

I did my one kilometre time trial this afternoon – a week late as it was for the end of Round 1 2012.  Better late than never.

I got to my starting point on the path, got my HRM monitor ready, got my Runkeeper app ready took one last look at my JFDI wrist band. And then I was shuffling. And shuffling. And shuffling some more.  In fact I didn’t stop jogging for the whole kilometre.  Haven’t done that since last century.

My legs were burning.  Despite the fact that my heart rate was only around the 130 beats per minute mark most of the time, my mind was telling me it was burning up and about to burst out of my chest.  I was sure I was going to cough up a lung any moment. I thought about giving up, but I was determined to jog the whole kilometre.

So what kept me going? Some of the usual stuff.  Telling myself to just keep going to the next landmark, and then allow myself to decide to give up.  Listening to the music.  Slowing down my breathing.  Telling myself it wasn’t that far, really. Telling myself I was over the half way mark, so less than half the way to go.

But there were two things which made the difference to my mindset and got me to the one kilometre mark.  Firstly, I kept looking at my JFDI wristband when I felt like giving up.  Can’t argue with those four words.

And once I was over half way, I realised I hadn’t achieved this since last century – and realised how good it would feel to push myself and succeed in achieving what I thought was impossible a week ago.

After my epic fail with my run program last round, I decided I would get consistent with all my other training during preseason, then begin c25k again week one of Round 2.  Changed my mind about that now.  C25k begins this week.

And why was I LMFAO?

Even as I was shuffling, I realised I wasn’t going to do it in eight minutes or under.  That was my goal, but knowing I wouldn’t do it didn’t make me laugh.  What made me laugh was the fact that at the Round 1 week 4 time trial I jogged and walked the kilometre in eight minutes and twenty seconds.  Obviously, I can walk faster than I can run at the moment!

But I will never forget the feeling when runkeeper announced I had completed one kilometre.  No one told me it would be easy, but they did tell me it would be worth it.  And they were right.

Moving into my third round with consistency

I am very happy with myself today, but I’ll get to why that is later in this post.

I plan to blog about my successes and achievements in my second round of 12wbt (Round 1 2012) in the next couple of weeks, because I do have plenty to celebrate.

However, I have been working on the first Preseason task for this round and what I was able to do this week has got me thinking.

During my second round I did some things in my training which I would not have thought possible at the end of my first round.  These include:

1. Training for three hours straight (three Les Mills classes) and burning over 3000 calories in the process.

2. Walking down the Furber Steps, along 2.5kms of bush track, up the Giant Staircase and 2.5kms back to our starting point, without suffering with DOMS for three days afterwards.

3. Completing my first one on one Personal Training session – using a kettlebell and TRX for the first time, buring over 900 calories in the hour – when most of the cardio was just in the warm up.

However, despite these great highs, I have to be honest and admit I just didn’t cut it when it came to getting out of bed day in, day out and getting my sorry butt to the gym as planned.  I’m still working through exactly why this came about while doing my first preseason task.

But it really hit home on the weekend just gone, the last weekend of Round 1 2012.

Firstly, I had planned to run the 4km event at Sri Chinmoy at Cooks River last Sunday.  Despite getting fitted for lovely new runners at a specialist shoe store in January, attending a running clinic and starting off really strong in February – my running seemed to disappear from my weekly training.  So, determined to make an effort to enter the Sri Chinmoy event I hopped on the treadmill at the gym the day before to see what I could do, and if I could give it a go the next day.  There was no way I could run anywhere near 4kms.  Bad news – inconsistent behaviour had meant I couldn’t achieve my milestone event.  Good news – I didn’t beat myself up about it.  Just made me more determined to work through the preseason tasks again and set new goals for running, plan it carefully and follow through to the end of the round.

Secondly, on the Sunday I was back at the gym doing a RPM and BodyBalance double.  I hadn’t done RPM with this instructor for a while, at first she thought I was new, oops!  And I kept up for the first three tracks, but then had to virtually ride easy for the rest of the class.  Bad news – my capabilities had severely dropped off.  Good news – I didn’t beat myself up about, just became more determined to stay in the saddle now I was back.  More good news – I was talking to the instructor at the end of the class.  She was very complimentary about my ongoing transformation – turns out she didn’t recognise me because of my weight loss perhaps?  I told her what I had thought about my decline in fitness – and how I was determined not to let it happen again.  She commented that thinking like that was probably just as important as the weight I had lost.

So how was the start of preseason for me and my training?  A 5am get up each morning this week – tomorrow is my rest day.  That meant 6am BodyPump on Monday, 6am RPM on Tuesday, 6am RPM on Wednesday and 6am BodyPump today.  I’m restarting my “Crunchtime with Exercise” ticker to start on Monday 7th May.

I feel really energised and ready to take on my third round.

Consistency isn’t the word of the day.  It’s the word of my life.