This princess has ballet flats, not glass slippers

This princess has ballet flats, not glass slippers

As a child I was a big fan of traditional tales from long ago, as well as the modern Disney versions. As an adult primary school teacher, traditional tales still fascinate me (as do all aspects of children’s literature) because of how they can help children in many ways socially and academically.

So can the tale of Cinderella give me insight into my 12wbt journey? You might think at first – no way, Cinderella has a fairy godmother who makes life better for her with the wave of her magic wand.

But when I think about it – what is Cinderella doing in her day to day life?

She is consistently doing the hard work day in day out. No excuses. No whining. No whinging. She follows the JFDI principles every day of her life.

And then there is a red flag moment she gets to go to the ball and meet Prince Charming – but there are conditions, and in not meeting those conditions things go a little wrong.

But the next day – what does she do? She goes back to work being consistent – get life isn’t over because she made one mistake.

And then the years of consistent effort and lack of whining pay off, and she lives happily ever after with her prince.

So, what’s the moral of the story for me as a 12wbt member?
Don’t make excuses.
Be consistent.


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  1. kojustkeepswimming
    Jan 09, 2013 @ 22:20:09

    Um AMAZING blog!!! I love this! I love cinderella! what a great way to look at it! JFDI 🙂 Kyleanne


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