The year of being tenacious

So, here we are half way through January 2015 and I am yet to be at the start line of my second half marathon and I am yet to see the scales say a number under 100kg. There are a number of reasons, non-running related injuries and silly excuses which resulted in me arriving at this point.

But I will get there. I have no doubt I will get there. How do I know?


I know I can be determined. I know I can be resilient. So, I figured the thing I had to be was tenacious.

So, in November two things happened which led be to believe in my own tenacity.

Firstly, I signed up for a Virtual fun run – a fund raiser for the IMP (Indigenous Marathon Project). I signed up for a cumulative marathon. My intent was to run the 42.2km within a calendar week during the month of December.

Secondly,  I fractured my little toe on my right foot. In the kitchen. Getting my breakfast ready before work one day.

Verdict from my GP? No running for at least 6-8 weeks, but walking is fine.

So, I just figured I would make the Cumulative Marathon a walking one. My donation and support still counted. I would still get my special piece of bling. I was determined.

Or so I thought.

I arrived at Sunday 21/12/2015 not having walked one 1km towards the 42.2km. Not one. Silly excuses. No determination to speak of at all.

Then on Sunday 21/12/2014 I decided to meet up for an RMA get together and walk while the others ran the almost 7km of the Bridge to Bridge walk in Leonay/Emu Plains/Penrith.


And I did it!

It wasn’t particularly fast – but I kept a reasonably steady pace. I didn’t notice any pain from my toe. And I had started the virtual cumulative marathon.

I was very happy.


On Monday 22/12/14 I set off to walk 9km along my favourite local running route.

I ended up doing 9.31km.

It took 1:41:51, and my average speed was 5.5km an hour.

I had now done 15.9km in total.

I was determined to finish the 42.2km by 31/12/14. Which was in fact the end date of the virtual fun run.


On Christmas Eve at 6:34am I set out to do about another 9km. At 52:40 I realised I had completed 21.1 of the 42.2km. Celebrated that with a Walkfie*.


I ended doing 10.7km that day.

And I decided to be really determined and complete the last 15.7km by Sunday 28/12/14.

Totally doable. And after all I was determined.

I planned my next walk for Boxing Day.

(Because Christmas Day I planned to do the Santa Virtual Fun Run – but that’s another Blog Post. Because it wasn’t done – for reasons not related to this particular post.)

And I had an idea. On Saturday at my home parkrun which is almost perfectly flat I would try doing some short running intervals in the 5km.

I woke up Boxing Day and walked to our bathroom, to get ready for my walk.

And I was in excruciating pain. Unbearable. I could barely walk. My right ankle hurt. My calf hurt. My shin hurt. My heel hurt.

I couldn’t possibly entertain the idea of going for a walk. It got a little better over the course of the day. But I spent as much of the day off my foot as possible.

On Saturday I woke up, excited about heading down to the parkrun at Penrith Lakes. And there was a shooting pain up through my heel, and overall the pain was worse than it was on Friday.

No parkrun for me that day.

It was then we decided to google the symptoms.

It wasn’t good news.

We concluded that it was something to do with my Achilles Tendon. We weren’t sure exactly what the level of injury, but we figured ice and rest was the way to go. And calling my GP on Monday morning.

My fitbit total for that day was 751 steps – I think that sums it up perfectly.

I was still determined to get the Virtual Run completed by 1/1/15.

Surely it would be better with a couple of days rest and ice?

It turns out I needed to be more than determined.

To be continued …….

*Walkfie – the walking version of a Runfie – 77noni

Runfie: A photograph that you take of yourself before, during, or after a run to share your runner’s high, your latest running fashion statement, or to show off some form of badassery. – From the

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