The Past

Back in January 2003 I weighed about 80 kgs and I was a size 12.  At 183cm tall I was well within the healthy weight range for my height.
In July 2003 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and put on medication.  At the time I was a Weight Watchers leader and had a handle on my eating and exercise habits.  In December 2003 my specialist asked me how the medication was going.  I answered that my health generally was improving, my only concern was that I had gained over 5 kgs – despite not changing my eating habits or decreasing my exercise.  He abruptly answered that the weight gain had nothing to do with the medication.  I don’t blame him for what happened next, I take full responsibility, in fact I blamed myself – and immediately reverted to the emotional eating that has plagued me all my life.  I figured I must have been a bad person to have gained that weight and I consoled myself with food.

So thanks to a combination of that lack of support and empathy from that specialist, the medication, my bad choices with food, lack of exercise and the impact of my illness itself has led me to be twice my size.

By August 2010 I weighed 165 kgs and was a size 26.  The good news is I am still 183cm, however, it still makes me morbidly obese.  My BMI was more than 48 and my body fat percentage more than 49%.

I am no longer under specialist medical care, my GP monitors my health and my weight.  She has been wonderfully supportive and encouraging.  I see her at least every four weeks.  And I am glad to say I haven’t gained any weight in over 18 months.  However, my obesity means I am a ticking time bomb in terms of my health.  For over 2 years she has been trying to get me to have lap band surgery.  I even went along to an information session – and decided it is not for me.  Apart from anything else, to be successful you still have to eat less and move more consistently.  I knew in my heart I could do that without undergoing surgery.

Since 2003 I have tried at various times following Weight Watchers, Tony Ferguson meal replacement shakes, Xndo meal replacement shakes, hypnotherapy, Latin Seeds, a psychologist, a dietician, Lite’n’Easy, gym memberships etc etc.  Each time something seemed to missing from my motivation.  I’m still using Lite’n’easy as I experienced success with that pretty quickly – but I couldn’t sustain it as I was not exercising – despite having a Curves membership since 2008,  Zumba DVDs since Christmas 2009 and a you beaut treadmill since May 2010.

I’m pleased to say that at the beginning of May 2011 I weighed 156.5 kgs.  I’m on my way.

And …………….. about that specialist’s reaction to my weight gain way back in 2003.  He left the practice and the female doctor I saw after him, from July 2004, explained that yes – each of the three medications I was taking (and still am) cause lethargy and increased appetite – ipso facto – a 5 kilo weight gain could be put down to their combined effects.  And, it is common for doctors to lie to patients about this so they don’t abandon the medication because of vanity.  If I had known the truth I could have lived with a 5 kg weight gain all those years ago, and maybe worked hard to negate those side effects.

Instead, my choices led me to gain over 80 kgs.  That was the past.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kristi
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 16:15:37

    you are making wonderful choices Leonie- choices that take of YOU for YOU and your beautiful family. It’s amazing how one choice can lead to so many others, choices become habits and habits make a lifestyle. Reading your recent posts shows how your choices are contributing positively to your mindset, and your life. Congratulations!


  2. noni22
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 08:35:02

    Thank you so much Kristi 🙂
    I have had to work hard to get into this positive mindset – but its been worth it for how I’ve been feeling these last couple of weeks. I really thought that after lecturing thousands of people with WW for nine years I knew it all, and dare I say I initially had my doubts how someone like Michelle Bridges – who has always been fit and healthy – could understand what it would take to turn my negativity around. How wrong I was! I’m so looking forward to what the next round will bring.
    Leonie x


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