Sign a women’s book and make her smile. Tell her to train hard and help her change her outlook.

This photo was taken on Saturday 3rd December 2011, the second last day of Round 3 2011.  Michelle was at Castle Towers for a book signing for her new book – Five minutes a day.  And of course I was there with some friends – who also just happen to be on the 12wbt journey – to meet Michelle and ask her to sign my book.

So why has it taken so long for me to post this photo and write this blog post?  Look at the photo, do you see what I see?  I see someone who has let herself go over a number of years, made a commitment to do something about it and then has not given the last few weeks of the round 100%.  It especially hit home becuase as I walked to the coffee shop where I was meeting my friends,  someone who hadn’t seen me since October gave me the hugest compliment about my weight and how healthy I looked.  I felt fabulous.

I met Michelle, and thanks to my friends coaching me, managed not to cry this time.  And she said she remembered me from the Outdoor Workout in October.  And I of course when she said this I went into a negative head space (while maintaining the smile) and thought, who, the fat one or the blubbering idiot?  No, when she said why, it was because I was the tall one.  Bigger smile

And here I am with my friends.  We were telling Michelle about our trip to Mt Kosciuszko in 2012.  She was so excited and called Billy over to tell him about our plans to walk to the summit together.

Her passion and commitment to what she does is real.  We had to wait quite a while in the queue to see her – but we didn’t mind.  We knew that was becuase she treats everyone as though they are her client for those couple of minutes, and we knew when it came to our turn it would be the same.

And what did she write in my copy of the book?  Train hard! I actually groaned out loud when I saw it.

I thought to myself, right you haven’t given the last few weeks your best effort.  You’ve made excuses about spraining your ankle twice in October, that now, in December, are no longer relavent. There has been “paralysis by analysis”. There have been excuses about being too busy to train. That has to change.

But I am pleased to say now two weeks away from the beginning of Round 1 2012 I am training hard.  My fitness is improving and I feel so much better.  And that’s all I had to do.  Train hard.

PS One of my lovely friends gave me a copy of the book as a gift.  I had pre-ordered a copy from a website when it was first announced it was going to be released.  It arrived the following Tuesday.  I was going to send it back to the online bookstore – but didn’t get around to it with the end of year busyness. I am going to pass it on to one of you!  You can keep it for yourself or give to a friend.  When I get 100 likes on my 77noni facebook page I will hold a draw and someone will win that copy.  The page has 54 likes right now – so another 46 and I give the book away. (Its brand new, I haven’t even taken it out of the packaging!)

No more hoping, no more wishing…………….

From “The Sparkle Effect”

And I thought the mindset lessons ended on the 3rd December

I have known all along that signing up for the 12 Week Body Transformation meant that I was in for a lifetime of change – and along the way I came to realise it meant a lifetime of learning about what it is to be healthy – both in body and mindset.   I didn’t expect that walking into the Finale Party at the end of Round 3 2011 would be another learning moment for me.  Now I have to warn you before you read any further that this post is very self indulgent.  But I learnt a valuable lesson the night of the Finale Party.  And if one person learns from my mindset mistakes I’ll be glad I posted.

The problem was I didn’t feel like I deserved to be at the party.  The party was to celebrate all our hard work.  After not getting back into training after spraining my ankle the second time I wasn’t sure I deserved to celebrate anything.  But I had already bought the tickets and booked and paid for hotel accommodation for Mr G and myself.  So I felt I had to go.

The second part of the problem was what was I going to wear?  I had bought a dress on a Facebook group from another member who had only worn it a couple of times before it was too big for her.  When I bought it I knew there was a risk it wouldn’t fit, as it was a little smaller than what I was wearing when I bought it.  And the big deal was that I have haven’t worn a dress or skirt since about 2004, because I don’t feel at all comfortable in them at my size.

The dress arrived about five weeks before the Finale, and it fitted okay everywhere except for my bust – and it fastened with a side zipper from the underarm to the waist – so I couldn’t even squeeze into it.  That did not upset me at the time, I knew that was a risk of buying something from a brand I hadn’t worn before.  But I thought, I’ve got five weeks left, I can train hard and see how I go.  I didn’t expect miracles, but I thought it was worth a try.

The real problem was instead of following the mantra JFDI, I procrastinated about restarting my training.  That led to me making excuses about why I was procrastinating.  And before I knew it – week 12 had rolled around and I still hadn’t gotten back into a routine.  Then the crunch came.  The Tuesday after week 12 I tried on the dress again – and despite shedding a little weight in those five weeks the dress still didn’t fit.  To be expected really.  And so the mind games began, while I was confronting fitting room mirror after fitting room mirror.  Not fun.  All because I wasn’t a woman of my word.  If I had been training all those five weeks and the dress hadn’t fitted I really wouldn’t have gotten so upset with myself.

The good news is I found a dress on the second shopping trip after work – it didn’t help that the clock was ticking.  I found a Leona Edminston + frock, with a wrap style bodice in my favourite shade of green with a black skirt (my favourite clothing colour).  I was happy enough.  I still saw the 165kg woman from 18 months ago in the mirror, but at least I had something to wear.

The day of the finale arrives.  After the Group Workout I’m feeling much better about myself and could hardly wait for the party to start.  Then came the time to get ready.  I had bought the largest size black pantyhose I could find (haven’t worn any since 2004) and of course – my current weight + my height (183cm) meant I had no hope of getting them on.  Great.  I can do without them.  I put the dress on.  When I tried it on on the Wednesday, I was pleased with how it fitted.  Now, I only have to move a centimetre and it gapes really badly.  Even better.  Feeling so bad about myself now.  Pity party for me.  I only leave the hotel room because Mr G tells me I am being ridiculous and to get to the car so I can go and have some fun!


We get down to the car on the bottom level of the car park in the hotel – and we’ve left the ticket to get out of the car park in our room on the 13th floor.  Fabulous.  I’m fat.  The dress first dress I’ve worn in eight years doesn’t fit. And now I’m going to be late.  Three strikes – I’m out.

But thanks to Mr G we get there.  And not that late. There’s a queue out the door to have your picture taken on the red carpet. No thanks. Don’t want any photographic evidence of how or look or feel right now.

We make it into the darkened party venue and I look around to see where I can get my first glass of champagne.  Need to drown sorrows – quickly.

And then Mr G grabs me and points to the giant slideshow on the wall.  The picture at that moment was the one of Michelle Bridges talking to me at the  Outdoor Fitness event in October.  And suddenly I realised just how misguided my mindset was at that moment.

I may not have lost all the weight I was hoping for when the photo was taken.  I did not follow the training program perfectly after that photo was taken. But it reminded me that I was on probably the most important journey of my life.  That I had a lot in common with all the other people in the room.  It reminded me that I had to learn to be tougher with myself when I started making excuses, but kinder on myself if I was struggling.

It reminded me that I wasn’t a failure.  It reminded me that I was 17 weeks into a journey that would have ups and downs.  And it reminded me that the most important thing was that I not give up on myself or my goals.  And it made me think about all I had achieved in the last 17 weeks.

The good news is that I went on to have a great night.  Mr G and I haven’t danced together in years, because I feel so self conscious.  But I didn’t that night – and that was the best prize I could have won.









Starting the year as I plan to continue

Training as hard as I can.

Setting targets and achieving them.

Never, never, never giving up.

On the 26th December 2011 I started the challenge set in the 30+ crew Eight Week challenge group to cover 100kms in one week.

On the 1st January 2012 I completed 111kms – and finished the challenge.

The challenge was set in the group for the week before Christmas.  I allowed myself to miss the starter’s gun.  Then I kept procrastinating and saying “I’ll start tomorrow”.  So instead of just giving up altogether I decided to be inspired by the other members of the group and what they had achieved.  On Boxing Day when I woke up I said to myself,  “JFDI, get out of bed, get to the gym and start your own 100km challenge”.

So I did. I did six days of cardio sessions in the gym, finishing the challenge today.  I had a rest day on Thursday.  Originally I was going to finish by New Year’s Eve – but when circumstances meant I couldn’t get to the gym on Thursday, I decided to not beat myself up over – gave myself an extra day – and finished the challenge.

I decided I’d do the 100kms at the gym – and if I went for a walk the old fashioned way in the sunshine I’d count that too.  I used the stationary bike, treadmill, cross-trainer and rowing machine.  On Monday, Tuesday and Sunday the cardio sessions in the gym were my workout for the day.  On Thursday and Friday I combined a cardio workout in the gym with a Les Mills group fitness class.  And on Saturday it was part of a SSS session – with two Les Mills classes.

If you want to check out all the details of what kilometres I completed when, its all on my Facebook page

It was great fun pushing myself a little harder everyday – and the time on the equipment has never gone quicker because I was racing myself with every push of a start button.

And it was such a great feeling on Saturday when I finished that training session and I only had to do 11.8kms on Sunday.  I often leave things to the last minute and stress myself out – but I proved to myself how good it feels to be ahead of the game.

I really enjoyed the challenge – though my thighs are hurting a little now – but it’s a good hurt.

I proved to myself I can see something through to the end – even if it doesn’t go as planned.  So instead of beating myself up – and getting a more negative mindset – because I didn’t start with the rest of the Eight Week Challenge group – I have ended up feeling really positive about what I can achieve in 2012.  I credit doing this challenge with helping me be a whole lot more positive about what I can achieve in Round 1 2012.

So why don’t you set yourself a kilometre challenge?  You choose the distance – 5km, 15km, 50km, 500km – whatever suits you.  Decide how you will cover the distance – remember it doesn’t have to be in the gym if you don’t want it to be. You decide how long to give yourself.

The only rule is if you choose to accept the challenge – JFDI!

Let me know how you go!

A new years resolution

Can you guess?

I am going to update the blog at least six days a week – ’cause everyone needs a rest day.  I am mortified that I let it languish for so long.

So why?

I did my indoor triathlon as planned on the 12/10/11 in the morning before work.  Very pleased because it was only 10 days before that I sprained my ankle, and that was the first time I’d been back on a treadmill.  That afternoon, while going to meet my husband and daughter at the very same aquatic centre – she was there for her weekly swim lesson, I fell down outside and resprained my ankle.  I nearly lost all hope at that point.  But I didn’t.  I just gave up exercising for quite a while, and because I felt guilty about that, stopped blogging.  Lesson learnt.  I’ll be on here now to blog about the good and the bad.  And I’m determined this round there will be more good than bad.

And how did Round 3 2011 end for me?

I was pleased in the end.  11.8kgs gone in the 12 weeks.  18.1kgs since the beginning of preseason.  My mindset still needs a lot of work – but I’m in a much better place than I was 20 weeks ago.   And what I experienced is proof that clean eating is so important.

And what does Round 1 2012 hold for me?

Well I can’t really answer that just yet.  But very excited about it since I signed up yesterday.  I started exercising regularly again on Monday 26/12/11.  Loving it!  I allowed myself to change the ticker you can see to the right to reflect my fresh start with exercise.  The preseason task about excuses is going to be an important one for me – because even after my doctor gave me the go ahead to start weight bearing exercise again I kept procrastinating and making excuses.  This round I hope to have that sorted. Is once and for all too much to hope for?

So, what is your New Year’s resolution?

Suck it up princess and move on!

I haven’t posted for more than a week – because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.

The thing I feared most – see answer no.7 in this previous post – – actually happened.

Last Friday I was at the gym and aquatic centre.  I did an aqua aerobics class and was feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Then got changed and headed for the gym to do a cardio workout on the equipment.  There had been a storm the prvious night, and part of the roof had been damaged, and repairs were underway.  Because of that I had to enter the gym via the creche.  What I didn’t realise was there was a little step down from the creche into the gym. My foot went sideways and I came crashing down – luckily on top of my gym bag that had two towels inside.  That didn’t save my ankle though.

I made a promise to myself that I would eat well while off my feet.  Until yesterday I kept that promise.  I also promised myself I would do some upper body workouts with the dumbells I have – that didn’t happen.

It wasn’t all bad.  I got on the scales yesterday morning, to see that I had discarded another 0.9kg – for a total of 8kgs since week 1 of 12wbt.

I’m heading back to the pool tomorrow morning, maybe for an aqua aerobics class, and I’ll do an upper body workout with weights at home tomorrow afternoon.  I’m just so annoyed with myself, as I am a teacher and had two weeks off – during which I was planning to really ramp up the exercise.  The main thing is, even though I’ve given in to some indulgences in the last 24 hours, I haven’t given up!

My Excuses and their Solutions

I completed this preseason task last night.  I have 15 excuses I use which I can pinpoint right now.  Not good.

On reflection a few points struck me:

* If I keep making the excuses about being to fat to do Zumba/Gym/Run/Swim, I will always be fat.

* Just because I would not qualify as a Weight Watchers leader at the moment (have I already mentioned I was a leader for 9 years?), doesn’t mean I am a total failure who shouldn’t bother.

* I need to keep positive and remind myself about what is important.

* I have to cultivate good habits – eating healthy is a way of life, as is making exercise the number one priority in my day.

* If I fail to plan, then I plan to fail.

* If external factors make things difficult, then I have to adapt and improvise – but NOT give up.

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