My goals

Well obviously I want to discard 78 kgs – hopefully I’ll be close to meeting that goal by the end of the summer months in 2013.  However, I know that if that was what I judged my progress on it would be a very tedious journey.  And at times the goal would no doubt seem insurmountable.

So, the goals I will focus on will be relatively short term and behaviour focussed.  I want to experience success.  And if I experience success in the behaviour related goals, then theoretically the kilograms will seemingly melt away.  Thanks to a couple of challenges I have signed up for on have given me both short term and mid-term goals.

Short term goals – Behaviour related

13/6/11 to 19/6/11 – 30 minutes on treadmill Monday – Saturday, ramping up the incline as much as possible.  (Week 3 challenge for Twilight Challenge.)  This one is going to be tricky – have to get up at 5.30am each morning to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/7/11 – Zumba workouts at least three times a week (Zumba Challenge)

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 -Track calories eaten every day on

13/6/11 to 31/7/11 – Achieve 100 workouts at Curves.  Currently at 81 workouts, need to consistently go 3 times a week to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 – Walk 216 kilometres on treadmill.  Possible if I consistently walk 30 minutes 6 times a week.

Mid term goals – Achievable if I achieve short term behaviour goals.

14/8/11 – Complete the City2Surf in under 3 hours.

18/11/11 – Have discarded a total of 22kgs for the Breaking Dawn premiere. (Twilight Challenge)

Birthday present to myself!

This morning I did a Curves smart workout.  It was my 81st workout at Curves since joining in 2008.  When I get to 100 workouts I will get my 100 workout tshirt.  If I workout three times a week consistently, I will achieve my 100th workout by the end of July.  A little after my birthday – but on the day of my birthday the end will be in sight!

I was pleased with my workout today.  Total calories burned were 409.  And I achieved green dots on all but two of the muscles.  Most machines I go over 10 reps  – some I consistently got 12 reps in the thirty seconds.  And the second time on the squats I got to 9, doing nice deep squats with good posture.

There will be no Curves on Monday becuase of the Public Holiday – so I will try and squeeze in an extra workout on Tuesday.