Breakdown and Breakthrough …………….

This is a reprint from my forum post tonight – in response to the preseason task released today.

Be aware there were tears as I was writing it.

And then when my hubby came home – I watched the video again with him and cried again, earlier in the video this time and for longer.  We then talked it through – I basically talked him through what is written below.  And we are going to do it together.

Here’s my post:

I just watched the video twice.

First time I told myself – I don’t need to throw that stuff out – I don’t buy it for me I buy it for hubby and kids. Then 10 yr old daughter saw what Mish was doing and said “You’re not going to do that are you?” My feeble reply at that point – “I don’t know.”

Then I listened to what Michelle was saying about my responsibility as a parent and I cried. Both my kids are active and at healthy weights and eat (most  ) of their vegies – 13yr old son is at Martial Arts class now. But what does the future hold for them if I don’t do my job NOW ?

I knew what I was going to do.

Then I watched again and realised that when my family eat the treats I buy for them I often have just a taste or just one.  How many calories there I asked myself?

I didn’t get to be 165kgs by eating clean 120% of the time – that’s for sure.

I’m demanding change – and that bin is coming in the kitchen.

Vegetables are not unlimited, repeat vegetables are not unlimited!

A real light bulb moment happened while I was preparing my lunch today.  I was making the Salad Niscoise from the crunchtime cookbook for my lunch today.  I was making a single serving for myself, and my first impulse was to just grab a handful of beans.  But I thought to myself – follow Mish’s recipe. I put that handful of beans on the scales and was horrified to see it was more than 4 times what I was meant to be having!!!

I slowly put one bean at a time on the scales – there were to be only 5 beans in the salad, not a handful!

I was shocked.  I spent 9 years as a Weight Watchers leader, starting just when the Points Program was introduced in Australia, and vegetables were allocated 0 points – which most members took to mean eat vegies until you burst.  I certainly didn’t discourage this thinking – in fact I recall actively encouraging it!

What have I learnt today?  A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.  No more piling as many vegies on the plate for me.

What have you learnt today?

My 12wbt commitment to myself

My commitment is to follow the 12wbt 120% and achieve my goals.

By the end of the 12 weeks I will be 25 kgs lighter, jogging for 30 minutes continuously and fitting into a size 20.

I am committed to do the work to get me there. I will be eating in a much more healthy manner than I have been over the last eight years and I will be getting off my butt and enjoying exercise as I have been the last three weeks.

So far during this pre-season I have already made significant changes and discarded 3.3kgs in two weeks. If I can do that I can keep my commitment and achieve my goals.

Now watch this space as I share the transformation which lies ahead of me!

A dinner plate with no carbs?

Because I was too impatient to wait for preseason to start I dusted off my copy of the Crunchtime cookbook on the weekend.  (I had bought it when it was first published hoping somehow that simply having it on my shelf would see some of The Biggest Loser contestants’ success rub off on me.)

To my horror I discovered that most evening meals had no carbs!  How could I face my evening meal with no potato or pasta or couscous or rice – you get the picture I’m sure.

Well – last night I bit the bullet – no carbs in those – and didn’t put any rice on my plates.  When my lovely 10 year old daughter went for her second scoop of rice, she offered to get some for me.  No thanks, I said somewhat feebly.  But – I survived!

And tonight I actually peeled and chopped the potatoes for my family to eat, while not planning on dishing any up for myself.  And I’ve survived yet again.  I was happy with the meatloaf and salad and mushrooms on my plate.

Loving the Crunchtime cookbook already, tomorrow night’s dinner is cooling down on the stove as I type – Ratatouille.  I’ll enjoy that tomorrow night, as the rest of the family indulges in chippy night.

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