Back in the groove

Just back from a Zumba workout.  I realised just how much I’ve missed it once I got going.  It was a packed class, it was a special class, a fundraiser for a local Out Of School Hours Centre.  Its great when there are so many people joining in.  So glad I gave it a go!

Looking forward to the 9km walk tomorrow.  I have treated myself to some new tracks on my iPhone for my walking playlist.  As long as I can do it in under 2 hours I’ll be happy.   I’ll be using the runkeeper app on my iPhone – it helps keep me motivated to do my best time.

Its a fundraiser for MS – and its not too late to make a donation by sponsoring me – even if you’re reading this after I’ve done the walk 😉

Of course, if you are reading this an hour or so before the start time and you live in Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney its not too late to enter yourself.  In Sydney there are also  5km and 16km walks as well.  The 9km walk in Sydney will go around Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Sydney Opera House and the Botanic Gardens.

Blacktown City Fun Run 2011

Well I didn’t run – I walked a whole 10kms! And I did it in 1 hour and 58 minutes and some seconds.  My aim was to do it in 2 hours so I’m pleased with that.

That’s me in the purple shirt at the 1km mark.

And here I am at the finish line. And I’m pleased to say I can almost manage a smile.


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