Preseason Task – Number 8

So I’ve measured up!

Chest – 125cm

Waist – 141cm

Hips – 137cm

L Thigh – 81cm

R Thigh – 78cm

L Arm – 38cm

R Arm – 37cm

I know its better than the beginning of last round – but I can’t seem to find those statistics right now.  Will update this post when I do.

Now here are my before photos from September 2011 (on the left) and February 2012 (on the right).





The good, the bad and the ugly

Just a very quick post – you’ll understand why very soon.

The good – fitness review with trainer at gym yesterday.  Last time he took my weight and measurements and other stats was late August 2011.  I am still wearing the same gym clothes.  He was delighted to see a 20kg loss and a reduction in all but one measurement – my left bicep – go figure?

The bad – its the day before Season 1 2012 – one sleep to go – and I have yet to do tasks six, seven and eight.  Hence why this must be a quick post.

The ugly – fitness review yesterday.  My resting heart rate is now 79 beats per minute – and that’s less than ten minutes after finishing a BodyPump class – woohoo.  The ugly part is it was 139 beats per minute in August 2011.  Was I a ticking time bomb or not?  And my metabolic age – still 61! I’m 46 years old, and biologically I’m 61.  He said its normal for there to be no movement there yet.  Well, there’s a milestone to look forward to – my metabolic age being younger than my chronological age.

Now its time to get serious about those last three preseason tasks.

How old do you feel?

Preseason Task 5 – Say It Out Loud

Well for this preseason task I have literally done what the name of the task says to do.

You can watch it here:

My commitment is to do the following three things for the twelve weeks of the program

Eat Clean

  • stick to 1200 calories a day.
  • track my calorie intake on myfitnesspal.
  • only have food in the cupboard and fridge that have minimal ingredients on the ingredient list.
  • give up alcohol for the twelve weeks.
  • maintain my avoidance of diet soft drinks and cordials.  Can you believe that I have had no sweet cravings in 2012.
  • have a stash of lovely food in the freezer.
  • introduce the family to “Meat Free Monday”.
  • and shhhhhh don’t tell Mr G and Miss G this – I’m going to start making tomato sauce from Organic Tomato Passata and a little sugar following the recipe in “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan”.

Train Mean

  • work at moving from beginner to intermediate level of fitness by the end of the round.
  • push myself a little harder each workout.
  • believe I can do things rather than “try” to do things.
  • follow Mish’s training plan for my level, and add in 3 x 30 minutes of ease into c25k program + a Zumba class each week.  I regard these two activities as hobbies – but of course I’ll be wearing my HRM while doing them. 😉
  • start training for the Triathlon Pink in October.

Think Lean

  • JFDI
  • tell myself by saying no to the chocolate or sleep in or whatever, I’m saying yes to something far more important.
  • get on the forums whenever I find myself being negative or doubting myself.
  • watch the videos and listen to the podcasts – again and again!
  • be hard on myself when I find I’m making excuses.


Preseason Task 4 – Gear Up

So if you know me you know for the last five weeks I’ve been training mean.  I can hardly believe the improvement in my strength, the way I can sustain a 80% of maximum heart throughout a workout and the overall improvement in my fitness.  And at “Pain in the Park” today I could get from the ground to standing with only using one hand.  Its a huge deal, as this time last year I didn’t dare sit on the ground as I was worried my 160kg frame would remain there.

These past five weeks have seen a huge shift in the way I perceive myself while I’m working out.  Instead of doubting myself, I’m just trying my best.  Instead of giving up, I’m pushing for just a little longer.  Instead of saying I can’t, I’m saying I will.

Today was a good example. And it involved planks.

No not those planks – these planks. 







Part of the boxing workout involved doing three twenty second planks in between bouts of boxing.  The first plank I said to myself – I’m getting off my knees and onto my toes – never done either of those things before.

That is,
1. Plank on toes.

2. Deciding I could do an exercise above a beginner level when I previously thought it was beyond me.

First twenty seconds finished with me still on my toes.

Second twenty seconds I started on my toes, but my inner voice said – “You can get on your knees if you think you won’t make it.”  How helpful was that thought?  At the ten second mark I was on my knees.

Third twenty seconds I decided I was going to do the full twenty seconds on my toes.  Each time as I breathed out I said to myself, “I can do this” – and I did.

So what does all this have to do with preseason task four?  Its about training mean and hard.  Its about striving to do my best all the time.  Its about having a plan that will see me achieve my goals.  Its about attempting to do the things I thought were impossible.  Its about having a plan, but being willing to mix it up. It means I will achieve the goals I set in preseason task three.

It means I am going to give it my best shot to move from a beginner level to an intermediate level by the end of Round 1 2012.

My “Gear Up” plan is to be found on the page “The Plan” – you can click on the link above – or the one below to find out what I intend to do this round – starting tomorrow!

Preseason Task 3 Set Your Goals

My ultimate goal, and reason for signing up for the 12wbt in August 2011 is to be 77kgs again, which is about 7kgs under the top of a healthy BMI for my height.  When I achieve that I will be a “comfortable” size 12 again.  As I write this I am 130.9kgs and a size 20/22ish.  So I have to be careful that I am not overwhelmed by the task ahead of me.

Starting this journey in August 2011 I was 155kgs and a “comfortable” size 26.  At my heaviest I was a 165kgs and a barely fitting into size 26.  So, how does one go from my starting point to where I want to be?  Its simple.  By breaking it down into manageable steps and focusing on the things I am in control of – that is, my behaviour, and not worrying about numbers on the scales and clothing tags.  If I care about my health, change my behaviour to demonstrate that I do care about my health and well being than the numbers will happen.

This is a computer simulation of what I look like now at 130kgs.

Right now I have started the c25k program and have completed a whole two days.  I can barely swim one 25m lap of a pool.  I can do these pathetic push ups from the knees but my nose gets no where near the ground. My core strength is better and I can do some more advanced forms of sit ups and hold a plank without shaking from the knees.  I can do a 1km time trial in about ten and a half minutes.  I can not ride a bicycle, but I desperately want to learn, and have a lovely friend who is willing to teach me.

My goals for the 18th March 2012 are to:

1. Run for 3.22kms (2 miles) without stopping.

2. Start swimming three times a week and sign up for stroke correction classes.

3. Have had my first lesson in riding a bike.

4. Weigh 117kgs.

My goals for the 29th April 2012 are to:

1. Run for 8km without stopping.

2. Be able to swim half the distance of the short course of the 2012 Triathlon Pink without stopping.

3. Be able to ride a lap of the 5km Regatta Centre – stopping allowed 😉

4. Weigh 101kgs.

5. Finish the round 0f 12wbt at the intermediate level of training.

My goals for the end of September 2012 are to:

1. Run 14km without stopping.

2. Be able to swim the full distance of the short course of the 2012 Triathlon Pink without stopping.

3. Be able to ride the full distance of the short course of the 2012 Triathlon Pink without stopping.

4. Weigh about 85kgs.

5. Training at the intermediate to advanced level with 12wbt.

My goals for the end of December 2012 are to:

1. Be training for a half marathon in 2013.

2. Training for a slightly longer course in a Triathlon.

3. Riding a bike for fun with my family.

4. Weigh 77kgs.

5. Training at the advanced level on the 12wbt program and signing up to do a round of Lean & Fit.

I will be healthier and happier.

More determined than ever.

Stronger in mind and body.

Is it going to be easy? No, I am going to have to work hard and do everything Michelle Bridges says I should do in order to achieve these goals.

Is it going to be worth it?

What do you think? 😉

Preseason Task 2 – No Excuses

So this is me thinking.

I’d like to say I am deep in thought doing preseason task two, considering my excuses and what I am going to do about them in the future, and how I am going to stay in control of my excuses.

Instead, the truth is that it is New Year’s Eve 2011 and I am thinking what half a cup of steamed rice will look like on my plate as I don’t have a measuring cup with me at the Thai restaurant.  So, if I put too much rice on my plate and consume too many calories my excuse is that I don’t have a measuring cup.  If that’s going to happen anyway, I may as well have as much as I want of the Pad Thai that my family will probably order.  Can you see where this is going?  One moment you are in control and ready to use the 600 calories for the treat meal wisely and feel good about yourself.  The next moment, you make one little excuse, and then before you know it, it has snowballed out of control, you’ve ordered the deep fried ice-cream and you’ve wound up feeling like a failure.

Excuses will do that to a person.  Excuses are best avoided.  If they rear their ugly heads you must be ready to tackle them head on.

How do I know this?  Well, not because of anything that happened at dinner that particular night.  I did manage to stay in control on 31/12/11, have my clear broth soup, stir fry with lots of vegies, approximately half a cup of rice and a taste of the Beef Massamum.

But I have run foul of my excuses last round.

This preseason task has been a tough one for me to face this round, as you might be able to tell since I’ve been working on it for over a week.  This is because I thought I really nailed it last round and got all the excuses under control.  It wasn’t until I started blogging again regularly after Christmas, and reflecting on my mindest, behaviour and choices from Round 3 2011,  that I realised I still have a lot of work to do on this preseason task – and I may still have work to do in future rounds.

It is the Internal Excuses that wrecked havoc with my mindset and my behaviour in the last six weeks of Round 3 2011.  And the thing is I have total control over those internal excuses.

As you may be aware I sprained my left ankle, not once, but twice in the space of ten days in October.  After the second time I decided to not exercise again (not even water workouts – which I enjoy – or working around the injury – both of which my doctor gave the go ahead for), until my doctor gave the all clear for weight bearing  exercise.  Big mistake. My excuse for making that decision was I am getting older (I was a 46 years young at that stage) and had a long  journey ahead of me – and I didn’t want to risk further injury.  What a cop out!  Of course what happened once I allowed myself to make that excuse was that I began procrastinating and making more excuses, which continued even after my doctor gave me the all clear to return to weight bearing exercise.

Once that happened for a couple of weeks the real rot set in.  And it only became clear to me last Sunday what had happened.  I cried a lot last Sunday as I reflected upon my behaviour and prepared to start this particular preseason task.

Once the excuses and procrastination snowballed out of control last round I began to speak harshly to myself.  Those harsh words follow two main themes of internal excuses – and when I wrote down my excuses last round, I only just scratched the surface of one of these excuses.

The first one, is that I am destined to be a failure at whatever I do.  I realise now that by saying that all I am putting into action is a doozy of an internal excuse.  It’s taking the easy way out.  If I give up because I believe I am going to fail anyway I don’t have to do the hard work. And who knows what might happen if I do the hard work?  I might just succeed.  I realised these feelings of failure come from the experience of living with the chronic illness I was diagnosed with in 2003.  And the really silly part is, despite how low I felt at my worst with this illness, I have already proven in other aspects of my life that I am not a failure. The bottom line is, as long as I never give up I have no right to call myself a failure.

The second underlying excuse is that I am not worthy of giving myself the care and attention I need.  In other words I am not worthy of being loved – by myself or others.  That’s what I was actually thinking towards the end of last round.  I realised last week this stems from the rejection I still feel following my birth mother giving my up for adoption at birth forty-six and half years ago.  Straight away you can see how this excuse has no grounds to be taken seriously by myself.  Forty-six and a half years ago, its time to move on princess! (And I say that with love.) My adoptive parents have shown me nothing but unconditional love my whole life.  I seriously believe Mr G is my soul mate, and I am grateful every day to have ever met him. I have Master G and Miss G in my life who are constantly telling me, and showing me how much they love me.  And the bottom line is I don’t need my parents, Mr G, Miss G or Master G to validate my worthiness of love. I am a human.  So therefore I am worthy of  love and respect.  So how can I continue with this excuse in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is not true.

Well, I have decided that these two excuses will no longer influence my decision making or have any power over me.  I have kicked them to the curb. Once and for all.

I am not a failure and I am worthy of love.  Because of these two undeniable truths I will strive to succeed in all aspects of the 12wbt Round 1 2012 and I will treat my body and mind with respect and love.

And if you are thinking – how is she going to do that?  It’s simple – I will JFDI.

Introducing myself – on a video

Last round when Michelle Bridges suggested we might like to introduce ourselves by uploading a video to youtube it never occured to me that I might do it.  I mean, I feel self conscious enough having my photo taken, let alone videoing myself talking about myself.

It turned out that I was very inspired by the videos of other members I watched during the last round, and the ones I have seen while waiting for this round to get started.  And I am sorry now I don’t have a record of me 20 weeks ago.  But never mind – I have one now.

I had to step right out of my comfort zone to do this, but I am glad I did.  I even bought a webcam this afternoon to do the recording, and then spent over an hour trying to get it to work.  I gave up on the webcam last night, but not the task, and volunteered Master G to be the cameraman.  His hands get a little shaky towards the end – guess that means I may have said too much?

If you want to leave a comment and say hello in the 12wbt forums go to

Make sure if you’re part of this round of 12wbt that you introduce yourself on the preseason task 1 thread – and you don’t have to choose to do a video to complete this task.  And most importantly, make sure you welcome a few people and comment on their introductions.  It is a rare 12wbt member who wouldn’t appreciate the support and encouragement.