Suck it up princess and move on!

I haven’t posted for more than a week – because I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.

The thing I feared most – see answer no.7 in this previous post – – actually happened.

Last Friday I was at the gym and aquatic centre.  I did an aqua aerobics class and was feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Then got changed and headed for the gym to do a cardio workout on the equipment.  There had been a storm the prvious night, and part of the roof had been damaged, and repairs were underway.  Because of that I had to enter the gym via the creche.  What I didn’t realise was there was a little step down from the creche into the gym. My foot went sideways and I came crashing down – luckily on top of my gym bag that had two towels inside.  That didn’t save my ankle though.

I made a promise to myself that I would eat well while off my feet.  Until yesterday I kept that promise.  I also promised myself I would do some upper body workouts with the dumbells I have – that didn’t happen.

It wasn’t all bad.  I got on the scales yesterday morning, to see that I had discarded another 0.9kg – for a total of 8kgs since week 1 of 12wbt.

I’m heading back to the pool tomorrow morning, maybe for an aqua aerobics class, and I’ll do an upper body workout with weights at home tomorrow afternoon.  I’m just so annoyed with myself, as I am a teacher and had two weeks off – during which I was planning to really ramp up the exercise.  The main thing is, even though I’ve given in to some indulgences in the last 24 hours, I haven’t given up!

Where have I been???

I’ve been here, slogging away at the 12wbt.  My mantra is JFDI.  The last week of the school term was a little crazy – and the new training regime was making me feel tired, but I think I’m through that now!

And great news!  This morning at the weekly weigh in my weight was 141.6 kgs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s 3.2kgs discarded in the last week.

7.1 kgs since the Monday of week 1.

13.4 kgs  since the beginning of preseason.

Am I happy or what!

No longer oLD

A couple of years ago when I weighed at least 165kgs I got on my scales at home and they said oLD.  I thought that’s a bit rude I’m only 43!  I got again, and they said the same thing.  And then I looked at the back to see if there was something wrong with the battery, and I noticed they had a limit of 150kgs.  So the oLD meant I had overloaded the scales.  I was horrified.  But unfortunately, not horrified enough to take positive action.

So this time last year I know I was still 165kgs.  At the start of this 12wbt preseason I was 155kgs.  I tried getting on the scales last week – and when I couldn’t even get them to come on (despite having replaced the battery) I decided to order a basic set from Tanita – which gives 12wbt members a discount.  It was a risk, because they only weigh up to 150kgs.

This morning I stepped on my shiny new scales for the first time.  And I am pleased to say my weight was 148.3kgs!  After three and a half weeks of preseason changes I have discarded 7kgs.

I am no longer oLD.


My goals

Well obviously I want to discard 78 kgs – hopefully I’ll be close to meeting that goal by the end of the summer months in 2013.  However, I know that if that was what I judged my progress on it would be a very tedious journey.  And at times the goal would no doubt seem insurmountable.

So, the goals I will focus on will be relatively short term and behaviour focussed.  I want to experience success.  And if I experience success in the behaviour related goals, then theoretically the kilograms will seemingly melt away.  Thanks to a couple of challenges I have signed up for on have given me both short term and mid-term goals.

Short term goals – Behaviour related

13/6/11 to 19/6/11 – 30 minutes on treadmill Monday – Saturday, ramping up the incline as much as possible.  (Week 3 challenge for Twilight Challenge.)  This one is going to be tricky – have to get up at 5.30am each morning to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/7/11 – Zumba workouts at least three times a week (Zumba Challenge)

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 -Track calories eaten every day on

13/6/11 to 31/7/11 – Achieve 100 workouts at Curves.  Currently at 81 workouts, need to consistently go 3 times a week to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 – Walk 216 kilometres on treadmill.  Possible if I consistently walk 30 minutes 6 times a week.

Mid term goals – Achievable if I achieve short term behaviour goals.

14/8/11 – Complete the City2Surf in under 3 hours.

18/11/11 – Have discarded a total of 22kgs for the Breaking Dawn premiere. (Twilight Challenge)

Weigh and Measure June 2011

I did my monthly weigh and measure this afternoon at Curves.

Results are :

Weight          155.6kg                Down 0.9kg
Bust               Down 1.5cm
Waist             Up 4cm ????
Abdomen    Down 2cm
Hips               Up 1.5cm
Thighs          Down 5cm 
Arms            Down 1cm 
Body fat      Down 0.2%
BMI              Down 0.27
Not outstanding results – but I have lost almost a kilo, and I am pleased about that since there was a two week lapse in my plan since the May weigh in.  The trainers at Curves were very encouraging and supportive.  I know I can do this!

Visit to my GP

Today was the day for my four weekly visit to my GP.  After almost three weeks of a renewed focus on my health I was expecting to see something on her scales.  According to her scales – no difference from four weeks ago.  She was very supportive and reminded me that the huge change in my exercise habits was far more important than the numbers on the scale.

She was very impressed by my renewed passion for exercise.  She said she had never heard me speak so positively about my exercise efforts and plans.  She thinks that if I can keep up what I’ve already started, and improve on it (I’m not doing everything on the plan as yet) I should be able to lose 15 kgs by the City2Surf, and thereby achieve my goal of doing it in a better time than 2010.

And the best thing – we chatted for a while – and Lap Band surgery was not mentioned!  It doesn’t mean its off the agenda yet, and I do understand why.  And I’m not ruling it out entirely, its just not my first choice on how to get a handle on this problem.