Having a treat, then flexing the will power muscle

This morning I had an appointment with my hairdresser.  It is a great salon. The chairs at the basin fully recline, and they are vibrating massage chairs, and while you are waiting for your colour to take, you get an iPad with wireless connection to play with.

The other treat is the little individual Tim Tams you get with your cup of tea or coffee.  Last time I was there – my first visit – I had two cups of tea and was given a Tim Tam with each – and of course I had to be polite and scoff both!

I decided before I walked in the door this morning that if I had a second cup of tea, I would decline the Tim Tam – only one for me today.  Before I ate the Tim Tam that cam with my first cuppa I took a look at the ingredient panel.  About 400kjs from memory.  My division skills leave a lot to be desired – and I guessed it would be about 100 calories.  I decided to eat it and enjoy it.

When I was offered the second cup I decided to be proactive.  I knew if the second one was placed on the counter in front of me it would be hard to resist.  So I asked if I could just have the cup of tea without the Tim Tam – that one was my limit.  No problem.  Of course a salon that has iPads and massaging chairs would accomodate your request to hold the Tim Tams.

And here is a photo of me with my hairdresser fresh hair.  Walked in with a big humidity frizz, walked out all sleek and soft.  Now, going to the hairdressers is not a priority for everyone one.  For me though, prior to late 2003 I used to go on a regular basis – I loved it.  But once I started gaining weight I didn’t feel like I deserved to treat myself to visits to the hairdresser – I felt I wasn’t worth the trouble.  My mum used to be a hairdresser before I was born, so between 2003 and December 2011 she would trim it for me – and the last year or so I got her to colour it for me, and I always wore it scraped back into a ponytail.

All that changed during Round 3 2011.  At some point about half way through the round I decided I was worth the pampering after all, and I made an appointment with my local hairdresser for the day before the Finale Workout and Party.  We are working on a total transformation – one step at a time.  Today more came off the length, the colour was made one shade lighter and she started to layer and shape around my face.  Rachel said that getting rid of the excess hair I didn’t want or need was like getting rid of excess baggage.

So, how are you going to treat yourself well this week? In a calorie free way of course!