Solar Springs

Going to Solar Springs in Bundanoon, NSW has already proven to be a turning point in my life.  I didn’t go there to lose weight – but the visit has renewed my love of exercise and good healthy food.

I booked the weekend as a treat for myself and my mum.  Mum lives in an upstairs granny flat in our home.  She has been a wonderful support for me since the diagnosis of my illness in 2003.  Most importantly for my family, she has provided before and after school care for my kids while I have worked outside the home as a primary teacher.  So, since May 2010 I squirrelled* away money each week to pay for an indulgent weekend for the two of us in May 2011.

It was simply fabulous.  We both love Solar Springs and plan to make it an annual event.

But among the many benefits for me was it opened my eyes to how much I enjoy exercise.  Since December 2003 I have made plenty of excuses about not being consistent with exercise – along with plenty of promises to myself to start tomorrow.

At Solar Springs I didn’t think about exercise – I just did it.  (Yes there is some value in that old Nike slogan.)

On the Saturday morning we walked a few laps in the indoor pool before breakfast, and after breakfast we worked out in the gym.  I worked out in the gym on the treadmill, elliptical and the rowing machine – and worked up a decent sweat – and on reflection must have released more endorphins than I have in the last 8 years!  Saturday afternoon we did an aquaerobics class and a gentle exercise class.  Sunday morning I did a before breakfast stretch class, and then we did a gentle 90 minute walk after that – it was a scavenger hunt around Bundanoon.  All the three classes were small and the instructors were great.  And one thing they kept emphasising was how the exercises could be replicated at home.  A light bulb moment for me!  I was having fun exercising – and it didn’t have to end after we returned home.

So I decided that on 2/5/2011 I was actually going to utilise my Curves membership.  I packed my gym bag Sunday night – ready to use on the way home on the Monday.  Just do it I told myself.

Thanks Solar Springs!

PS I treated myself to the Lithos therapy (hot stone massage) shown in the photo – what bliss!

* squirrelled – a term coined by my husband when he discovered the bank account.

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  1. Alex
    May 10, 2013 @ 12:14:44

    Oh my goodness I love Solar Springs too! My dad took me for a week as a Christmas present and I totally fel in love. I can’t wait to go back! Oh the foooood…. teh spa…. the sleeeeeep.


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