12wbt Blog Challenge – Week 2 – Positivity

So this weeks challenge is to look at what are you actually TAKING up? What are you giving yourself? Are you learning something new? Taking up a new sport? Giving yourself a social life? 

Where do I start in answering this challenge?  When I first started reading the posts on the 12wbt Facebook page at the end of Round 2 2011 I really couldn’t understand some of the things people were talking about – especially about how the program was about so much more than losing weight. I had 75 + kilos to lose and that’s all I cared about as I prepared myself to sign up for Round 3 2011.  Little did I know how much confidence, determination and self esteem I was going to discover in myself.  Little did I know how much knowledge I was going to gain about myself.  Little did I know how much knowledge I would gain about the science and psychology of weight loss. And little did I know how many wonderful friends I would get to know, who would support me, encourage me and help me to be a better version of myself.

Last night I returned from a weekend in Thredbo with 23 other 12wbt Sydneysiders – there’ll be a long 😉 blog post about it later this week, but in the meantime I’m going to share some of the weekend with you as an example of the positive things about being on this program.

Here I am on Saturday morning with three other 12wbt Sydneysider members.  We’ve just gotten off the chairlift and are getting ready to start the walk to the summit of Mt Kosciusko.  I have never really been good at team sports, always worried about letting the other members down because I’m not coordinated enough or fast enough, and for most of my life, not skinny enough.  I’m really proud to be part of the 12wbt Sydneysiders team though.  I know that my best is always going to be good enough, and that I will get support and encouragement to do better than my best.

After about two hours of walking a moderate grade track, here I am at the top of the mountain. At times it felt impossible and at times I just wanted to stop and lie down on the track.  But instead I would look at my Heart Rate Monitor, and look at my current heart rate and know that I could keep going – that the difficulty was in my mind – not in my legs or my cardiovascular or respiratory systems.  I was determined and willing to push myself to my limits.   Over the last few years before 12wbt I had forgotten how much I love a physical challenge, and what a great sense of achievement it is when you achieve what you set out to do.

And here are some of the Sydneysiders I walked with to the top of the mountain.  It was my legs, my fitness level and my determination that got me there – but I don’t underestimate how empowering it was to walk with these fabulous people.  Just chatting to someone about all sorts of things distracted my thoughts when the current incline looked impossible.  Their encouragement as we reached each milestone helped keep me positive.  And of course, if it wasn’t for one person in particular in the photo – I wouldn’t have even been there.  The generosity of a 12wbt Sydneysider member to share her dream with us was the reason I was even there having “conquered” the mountain.

I had packed my swimming cossie for the weekend – because I liked the idea of going to the leisure centre after the walk to chill out and relax in the pool.  And it turns out another seven Sydneysiders did too.  However, they were also keen to try out the water slide.  I wasn’t I have never been on a water slide before.  Partly because I am such a scaredy cat and partly because I have a fear that I’m just too fat and I’ll get stuck. Before I knew it my friends had convinced me to give it a go.  So I did.  I was so scared!  I screamed the whole way down – and I wish now I had my Heart Rate Monitor on, because I bet it would have been over 200 beats/minute! With the support of good friends I faced one of my fears.

And I love this photo.  I don’t see a woman who is severely obese, instead I see someone who is just so excited to have faced a fear and survived. And I love the look on my friend’s face – sharing joy in your life more than doubles the joy!

So this last weekend I have gained

  • the feeling of being a successful team member.
  • the knowledge I could achieve anything I set my mind to if I am determined enough.
  • the ability to face my fears.
  • the understanding that I don’t have to do everything alone.

Next weekend I am meeting up with another Sydneysider member – and with her help I am going to learn how to ride a bike at the age of 46, after never having done so. (Are you impressed by the absence of the word try in that sentence?) And her generosity of spirit, along with attending a running clinic and doing some stroke correction lessons means I am going to enter my first triathlon in October this year.

I am going to start a new sport – Orienteering – I used to love that at primary school.

I am going to try out Cardio Tennis – I used to love playing tennis as a teenager.

If the opportunity arises I am going to try doing a low ropes course.

And I am going to start making plans to reconnect with my old friends, the ones I’ve been hiding from because I’ve been embarrassed about my weight gain.  I don’t have to wait to get to my goal weight to in order to look like my old self in order to socialise with them again, because I already feel like a better version of myself.

And those are  the positive things I have gained in my life. So much more important than having lost 26kgs.

My day on a plate, and a wrist band and an iPhone

Yesterday was a day with two red flags!  Eek!  Breakfast at McDonald’s with the family and then lunch out with Miss G (ten) and Master G (13).  Now I can tell right now you’re thinking – have a healthy Mish breakfast before you leave home.  Cut a healthy sandwich and put that in your backpack.  Well – I want to share in the treat with my family (since when did I really regard the Golden Arches as a worthy treat???) and I was packing snacks, and water bottles etc in my back pack so didn’t have room for a sandwich too.  However, I can no show you that I survived this Red Flag day on just under 1200 calories.  Don’t believe me?  Then take a look.

The reason for McDonald’s?  We had an early start – had to have Mr G to Drummoyne by 9.00am on a Monday.  So kids weren’t ready to eat when we left.  And I really wanted a coffee (a big coffee) and Mr G wanted a hot chocolate – yes full cream!  And we wanted it quick, the clock was ticking.

My choice is a tall McCafe cappuccino made with skim, a plain English muffin and vegemite.  Miss G nearly had kittens when she went back to the table with Mr G while I was waiting for the hot drinks, and she unwrapped the plain English muffin and thought that was all she was getting.

My question – what happened to the Uncle Toby’s Oats they used to sell?





A quick snack in the park near the Spit Bridge before we begin our walk.










Time for a snack break on the walk.  I wasn’t really hungry, but I figured a little hit of protein wouldn’t go astray.  This is about 10g of pepitas.








And here is the walk we were doing – and no we didn’t get air lifted out at the 4.5km mark.  This when we stopped for a breather – or a snack break, and the Master G and Miss G wanted to know how far we had come.  I’m glad they did – as the iPhone was almost out of power – so I switched runkeeper off as we needed the phone to rendezvous with Mr G in Drummoyne later in the afternoon.  We ended up walking right around the coastline to Manly Cove ferry wharf to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay.  Its a fabulous walk, and if you live in Sydney and have never done it let me assure you it is well worth while.  If you’re visiting Sydney put it on your list of things to do!  The first half has a lot of ascending steps when you start at the Spit Bridge end of the walk.  But your efforts are compensated.  Won’t say anymore than that!





Lunch for me was a Sushi lunch box with lots of lovely salmon.  As you can see I only just remembered to take the photo for this blog post that I had in mind.  And I was a little bit shaky, would seem I really needed the carbs!  IMy guess is this Sushi Box is about 330 calories.  And honestly, I would have been satisfied with something a little smaller.








It was at that point that Miss G asked what the time was – and I realised that what I was looking at was my heart rate not the hour of the day.  So I quickly took a photo of my calories burn for the walk, and then told Miss G the time.  So, the HRM was running about fifteen minutes longer than it should have at the end, and I don’t think I stopped it on our first snack break, but I think I did stop it on the second one when Master G and Miss G were playing on the beach which is along the walk.  Honestly, I’m not worried, as I’m sure I did 2000 calories in a little over two hours of walking.  I’m not eating the calories back, so it doesn’t really matter that I was forgetful.

Remember that I weigh in at 133kgs last Wednesday – that’s half the reason I could achieve a burn like that.  The other reason is that I am able to successfully maintain my heart rate at 80% of the maximum for the entire time I am walking, with occasional spikes to my maximum while I’m going up stairs and really pushing myself.  I like to keep the readout on the heart rate while I’m training – it helps me decide when I think its hard work whether I’m being a sooky la-la or whether I can push myself a little bit harder at that moment.  I only look at the calories at the end.


A well deserved coffee on the drive home from Drummoyne.  Mr G was desperate for a Frozen Coke from McDonald’s.  Well that’s my excuse anyway.










Dinner – a 12wbt recipe. Crumbed Fish with Smoked Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges.










So the total calories for the day with two Red Flags?

1179 calories


Everyday I’m shufflin’

I like to run.  Sometime last century I woke up one morning in March and thought I might run today.  I ended up running around the block in bare feet – and I was hooked – and I bought a pair of trainers that afternoon.

Back in 1992 long before I had heard of JFDI or C25K or interval training I started pushing myself a little harder every day.  Six days a week.  For about 30  minutes on 4 week days and 10kms each Saturday and Sunday.  I had left my ex-husband and was living in a share house with two gorgeous guys who encouraged me to go for it.  My mother wanted to know why I was so happy – I told her it was the endorphins.  She started lecturing me about the dangers of taking drugs.  But it was too late, I was already addicted.

A friend from my university days and I were chatting one day, and it turned out she was learning to jog too.  We made the decision to enter the City2Surf.  So we trained on our own and we trained together.  We entered our first Fun Run in June 1992 – The Terry Fox Run – a 5km run around the grounds of Sydney University – where we had studied together.  We were so nervous at the start line.  I remember one of us said to the other at the start line – “So when the gun goes , we run?”  We were both about the same fitness level, but I am a lot taller than my friend, so we agreed if I wanted to stretch my legs a little further than hers the I was to go for it and we’d meet each other at the finish.  We both finished in about 30 minutes.  Very pleased with ourselves.

Our next fun run was the Bay Run.  From memory I think I did the Bay Run’s 7km in about 45 minutes.  What astounded us though was as we were about 3kms from the finishing line, there were the serious athletes running the course for a second time in the opposite direction.  We thought – why on earth would you do that after finishing the 7kms?  Then we realised that 7km + 7km = 14km = the City2Surf.  And it was next week – what were we thinking?

We were so excited the next week.  In 1992 it wasn’t as big as it was last year.  We were in the second group to start next to the Australian Museum.  There were no timing chips in those days, and you had to wait until Tuesday to get your results in the paper, and it took almost as long to find your name amongst the thousands as it did to run it.  I managed to jog most of the way – had to walk for a little bit.  But was pleased with my efforts as I did it in just under 90 minutes.

In October that year we did an 8km Fun Run around Burwood.  That night I went out with a group of friends and met Mr G for the first time.  It was love at first sight – truely.  And running didn’t seem as important any more.  I remember the afternoon of our first date a few days later I went for a run to calm my nerves from my home in Homebush to Bicentennial Park.  I know I went for runs after that – but that’s the last one that sticks in my mind.

So here I am in 2012 – currently 133kgs – and desperate to get that wonderful feeling of freedom I used to get last century, and the endorphin rush.  This post I think explains why I was so badly wanted to do the City2Surf in 2010 – at 165kgs and with absolutely no training.  I started the C25K program last round of 12wbt, but after spraining my for ankle the second time in ten days (not while running – just walking long a grassy footpath) – my doctor said no running for 12 weeks.

Well twelve weeks has come and gone. And along with the passage of time came the “Paralysis by analysis”.

All that changed last Thursday. I did a fitness test with some other members of a local 12wbt group.  For part of the 1km time trial I shuffled – without the help of the C25K app.

Then yesterday – the big leap – I was at the gym on the cardio equipment. 20 minutes bike + 20 minutes cross-trainer + 20 minutes treadmill + 5 minutes rower.  When I got to the treadmill, I thought JFDI – just like I did that morning in 1992.  And I alternated 1 minute at 5.5km/hr – my fast walking pace with 6.4km/hour – my shufflin’ pace.  The first two 1 minute intervals at 6.4km/h I hung on to heart rate bar as if my life depended on it – and the third time I let go.  It was great.  After less than 10 minutes total I’m hooked again. So, I’m off to get a properly fitted pair of runners.  C25K starts Monday!  First Fun Run – Sri Chinmoy on the 19th February – the 2 mile event – 3.22 kilometers.  My first running goal is to attempt this distance on the 19th without stopping – jogging, shufflin’ or crawling.

You can run but you can’t hide

During Round 3 2011 I only had one Red Flag day – and that was on the Saturday of week 12.  So I didn’t really have to worry too much about Red Flag days.

Now from the first day after Round 3 finished to Boxing Day – there were many Red Flags for me.  But I have to admit I was a little slack and didn’t worry too much about them.  I tried to make good choices when I could – but for those two and a bit weeks I really loosened the reigns.  I don’t believe in regrets, but I know for sure I won’t make those kind of choices in December 2012.  No regrets, just learning and moving on.

So yesterday was my first Red Flag day of 2012. Once a year Mr G and I take the kids to Jamberoo Recreation Park.  For our family it means eating out all day – yes even breakfast.  So I decided to track all my calories and do my best to keep it close to 1200 calories.

Breakfast – wait for it – McDonald’s – eeeeek!  We’re on the road early and we live more than 20 minutes from the nearest McDonald’s – so its a special treat for the kids.  Now, I know I could have eaten breakfast at home or taken in an apple – but I made the choice to join my family for the treat.  I was hoping to have the porridge and a skim cappuccino.  But the porridge is no longer on the menu.  Second choice was the yoghurt – sold out – yikes!  Considered the hotcakes – especially as there is now the “healthy option” with the hotcakes – berries and yoghurt.  Can’t remember the exact kjs – but not much better than the regular hotcakes with butter and syrup for 662 calories.  Settled on an Egg and Bacon McMuffin for 297 calories with a skim cappuccino for 71 calories.

Next stop is the petrol station.  Old habits die hard.  While paying for the petrol I pick up a packet of what we call “jelly lollies”.  Now in the past I would have bought two or three packs – but I just settled for one pack of Snakes.  Further along the journey I open the pack to share with the family.  Instead of just shovelling one in my mouth, I decide to check the calories first.  EEEEK!  Bit of a shock, after all they are fat free!  Decide to indulge in two – and only two – during the journey to Jamberoo.  Total calories – 50!

Lunch is next.  We discovered a food outlet at Jamberoo which is a well kept secret.  It’s called “The Loft”.  They have a few salads and wraps on offer as well as the usual suspects.  They also have beer and wine.  I had decided to make it a treat meal and indulge in a nice cold beer.  Haven’t enjoyed a beer since August last year.  I chose to have a Caesar Salad with chicken.  So beer = 105 calories and salad probably = 370 calories.

However, the big mistake I will never make again was choosing a Tonic Water.  I was thirsty, but didn’t want to guzzle my beer to quench my thirst.  So I decided to get a bottle of water to do the quenching first.  There was no Sparkling Mineral Water (my favourite treat) and no Soda Water.  But I spotted the Tonic Water.  I knew it wasn’t calorie free – but how bad can it be right?  75 calories bad – that’s how bad.  I love the taste of it, and thought because its not overtly sweet it must be low in calories.  Seriously – its not that far off the Light Beer I had!  Won’t be doing that again.

The day so far: Breakfast 368 + Snack 51 + Lunch 550.

Afternoon tea time came and I have to admit I was tempted by the icecreams the others were having and the “healthy” gigantic Honey & Oat cookie.  Pleased to say I resisted and just had another regular size skim cappuccino.  71 calories.

On the way home Mr G and kids just had to have a Frozen Coke from McDonalds.  Not in the least tempted by that.  But normally I would have a Coke Zero.  But I am committed to no more of that for me.  So I happily settled for a green tea and bottle of water – not Tonic  Water!  2 calories.

It was getting late – and no one felt like preparing dinner when we got home – so the decision was made to eat out.  I voted (and my vote carries a lot of weight) for The Coffee Club – since the kjs are on the menu I could make the best choice possible.

I was tempted to go for the Grilled Salmon and Vegies – one look at the kjs for that changed my mind.  Its surprising how the foods we associate with being healthy choices can sometimes be so high in calories.  I opted instead for the Greek Salad with Smoked Salmon – 284 calories.  I did indulge though – remember I didn’t know about the Tonic Water surprise yet – Mr G ordered garlic bread and I had one piece.  110 calories.

So, the entire day added up to 1,436 calories.  236 calories over what I really should have.

But here’s the good news for future Red Flag Days.  Take off the Tonic Water and Garlic Bread and I’m only 51 calories over.  Substitute a Sparkling Mineral Water for the Snakes and I’m exactly 1200 calories!  I would not have been hard to forgo those three items.  And then I would have eaten out for an entire day, feeling satisfied and indulged and not gone hungry and still stayed within my calorie quota.

So I learned that by making careful choices on Red Flag Days I can enjoy eating with others, stay healthy and stay on track.

When I got home – I logged onto http://www.myfitnesspal.com and entered everything I ate and drank.  This was actually the impossible task I had set for myself for the day from the 30+ Crew 8 Week Challenge.  In the past on other diets if I had a Red Flag Day I would just pretend it never happened, bury my head in the sand, run and try to hide.

But the truth is you can run and hide.  You are what you eat.  And if you are honest with yourself about what you are choosing you are going to be further ahead than if you pretend the “bad days” don’t count.

So how can you benefit from my experience yesterday?  Be aware that you can eat out all day for 1200 calories or 4800 calories or more.  Its your choice.  And be aware that most of your Red Flag Days will probably only involve one meal.

I’m not so worried about Red Flag Days anymore. Luckily, as my next one is one Friday.  But, I’ll be dealing with that one a little bit differently after my experience yesterday.

And I won’t be drinking Tonic Water.  I will be remembering that by saying no to somethings, I’ll be saying YES to something far more important to me.

When is your next Red Flag Day?











A shot of Vitamin D and Caffeine

After feeling I was living in the gym last week doing the 100km challenge, I was really looking forward to a change this morning in my training routine.  The Sydney West Facebook group had organised an event – the Nepean River Walk (sometimes known as the Bridge to Bridge Walk).

Another member from the Blue Mountains and I met up with two other members (and one husband) to do the walk at 9.00am at the Coffee Club carpark, opposite Tench Reserve in Penrith.  I was a little apprehensive as it is 7kms to do the whole loop and my legs were a little sore from finishing the 100km challenge yesterday.  But I shouldn’t have worried, once we got going I forgot all about the sore muscles and just enjoyed the company, the views, and the challenge to see if I could make it a 500 calorie burn.

We headed south from the Coffee Club to the ramp which leads up to the M4 freeway – so we could cross the Nepean River to Leonay.  From there its down to the riverside track along a shady path heading north towards Emu Plains.  There were lots of other walkers, runners, dogs, prams and cyclists along the way.  Its a gently undulating pathway, and its fairly wide.

Before long we had reached the traffic lights at the Great Western Highway at Emu Plains.  From there we crossed the river on Victoria Bridge (unfortunately not as good a view as the bridge at the other end), turned right and headed south back towards our starting  point.

For a relatively short distance we were walking along a suburban street – no views of the river – but it wasn’t long before we were back in Tench Reserve walking along the pathways close to the river.

My legs were getting a little weary at this point and I went from a good steady rate of 150ish beats per minute (just right for my age) that I had maintained earlier in the walk to about 135-140 beats per minute.  So there is room for improvement in my fitness level!  I finished up with a 482 calorie burn for 82 minutes of walking and talking.  Quite pleased with that.

It was quite a joy to realise we were back at the Coffee Club.  It was about 10.20am – so the perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee – skim of course!  The bottle of water we got before the coffees was nicely chilled.  Just what we needed after a walk on one of the “first” days of summer for the 2011/2012 season.

While we were at the Coffee Club I saw for the first time the kilo joule counts they have on their menu – informative and scary!  Some of the menu items were a whole days worth of calories on the 12wbt program.  It makes you realise how easy it is to put on weight when you regard that type of eating as every day rather than a treat.

I was also shown a shorter way to get to and from the Coffee Club today from the M4 freeway today by my travelling companion.  Coming from the Blue Mountains you turn right when you exit the freeway (so left when you exit if you are coming from Sydney) and then turn right at the next lights.  And then a couple more turns which take you south and west and you are there in no time.  A lot quicker than going along Mulgoa Road via the intersection next to Panthers Leagues Club.

Here is a website with more information.


So my recommendation – JFDI!  If you live in the area its a great way to vary your training routine or of course it can be a regular workout.  You don’t have to do the whole loop – you can walk/jog/run for a certain distance or time and then head back again.

If you’re from further afield it’s worth considering the drive out there on a weekend – you can use the BBQ facilities in Tench Reserve and there is a Regional Art Gallery in Leonay across the road from the pathway.  You could even start or end your workout there.

Do you have a local scenic walk you like to take advantage of in your training schedule?

Starting the year as I plan to continue

Training as hard as I can.

Setting targets and achieving them.

Never, never, never giving up.

On the 26th December 2011 I started the challenge set in the 30+ crew Eight Week challenge group to cover 100kms in one week.

On the 1st January 2012 I completed 111kms – and finished the challenge.

The challenge was set in the group for the week before Christmas.  I allowed myself to miss the starter’s gun.  Then I kept procrastinating and saying “I’ll start tomorrow”.  So instead of just giving up altogether I decided to be inspired by the other members of the group and what they had achieved.  On Boxing Day when I woke up I said to myself,  “JFDI, get out of bed, get to the gym and start your own 100km challenge”.

So I did. I did six days of cardio sessions in the gym, finishing the challenge today.  I had a rest day on Thursday.  Originally I was going to finish by New Year’s Eve – but when circumstances meant I couldn’t get to the gym on Thursday, I decided to not beat myself up over – gave myself an extra day – and finished the challenge.

I decided I’d do the 100kms at the gym – and if I went for a walk the old fashioned way in the sunshine I’d count that too.  I used the stationary bike, treadmill, cross-trainer and rowing machine.  On Monday, Tuesday and Sunday the cardio sessions in the gym were my workout for the day.  On Thursday and Friday I combined a cardio workout in the gym with a Les Mills group fitness class.  And on Saturday it was part of a SSS session – with two Les Mills classes.

If you want to check out all the details of what kilometres I completed when, its all on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/77noni/256214834423912

It was great fun pushing myself a little harder everyday – and the time on the equipment has never gone quicker because I was racing myself with every push of a start button.

And it was such a great feeling on Saturday when I finished that training session and I only had to do 11.8kms on Sunday.  I often leave things to the last minute and stress myself out – but I proved to myself how good it feels to be ahead of the game.

I really enjoyed the challenge – though my thighs are hurting a little now – but it’s a good hurt.

I proved to myself I can see something through to the end – even if it doesn’t go as planned.  So instead of beating myself up – and getting a more negative mindset – because I didn’t start with the rest of the Eight Week Challenge group – I have ended up feeling really positive about what I can achieve in 2012.  I credit doing this challenge with helping me be a whole lot more positive about what I can achieve in Round 1 2012.

So why don’t you set yourself a kilometre challenge?  You choose the distance – 5km, 15km, 50km, 500km – whatever suits you.  Decide how you will cover the distance – remember it doesn’t have to be in the gym if you don’t want it to be. You decide how long to give yourself.

The only rule is if you choose to accept the challenge – JFDI!

Let me know how you go!

Farewell 2011

I am completing two challenges at the moment in the 12wbt 30+ Crew – 8 Week Challenge.

Yesterday was day 2 of the Impossible Challenge for me.  We had to try and do something – even non weight loss related – that we thought would be impossible for us.  And – I love this part – even if we don’t achieve what we set out to do, we are not failures.  Just by giving it a go we are a success.

Day One – 30/12/11 – try to burn 1000 calories in one session.

I did a BodyVive class and then one and a half hours on cardio equipment in gym -the stationary bike, x-trainer and treadmill.  When I finished the 30 minutes on the treadmill, my plan was to hit the rower with everything I had left – do 2000m in about ten minutes and crack the 1000.

However, my gym is a reasonably small one – and there are only two rowing machines.  Both had just been taken by a very fit looking couple – who looked quite comfortable on the rower seats.  My legs were a little wobbly – so I couldn’t face any of the other equipment for a second time.  So I called it a day.

I was not disappointed though.  I have NEVER burnt anywhere near that in a continuous session before.  I was very pleased.

And most importantly – because of the nature of the challenge I felt like a success.  And I knew that the next time I attempted do make 1000 calories I’d be able to do it.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I’ve never done a SSS.  Well all that changed yesterday.











Well this it what I looked like after my first SSS on the left (my “Shredder Face” complete with sweaty tendrils of hair that had escaped from my ponytail) and the photo on the right is what my HRM looked like – and as you can imagine it made me really made me happy.

I was so pleased I did it in under three hours.  I started at 9.30am and I was prepared to keep going until sunset if I needed to!

As it turned out I didn’t need to do a 12 hour session. I achieved the 1000 calories by doing BodyPump, Sh’Bam and 63 minutes on cardio equipment (rower, bike and treadmill.)

I was looking at my HRM when I was on the treadmill as it got to 999 – and I watched it click over to 1001.  I will never forget that moment.  I stayed on the treadmill to complete 2kms – but that’s another challenge altogether.  (And if you follow me on facebook you’ll already know about that one!)

So, I have no regrets in life.  I am tempted to wish I had attempted a SSS sooner – but I will not allow negative backward thinking anymore.  I am just glad I did it yesterday.  Training wise – it was probably the highlight for me in 2011.

But what I can say to you if you are new to 12wbt is don’t underestimate yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  You don’t have to compete with others.  You just have to strive to do the best you can do.

So, what was your best training achievement in 2011?

(To see more Shredder Faces – and share your own training achievements head to https://www.facebook.com/groups/112090855572456/ and ask to join the group.)

Finale Workout & Party – Round 3 2011

I had been looking forward to the Finale Group Workout from the beginning of the preseason.

When the day came however, I was feeling very apprehensive.  I had only trained once since the 12th October – and I felt I didn’t really deserve to be going.  Is that a mindset I need to work on or what!

Once I got there those feelings didn’t last for long.  I was so excited and so pleased that I had made the changes I had in the 16 weeks of preseason and 12wbt.  I decided there was no need for me to feel a failure because I wasn’t perfect.

And when you’re surrounded by a bunch of people like the Sydneysiders Crew you can’t help but feel positive.  It was great seeing friends I had only seen the week before, or not for several weeks, or even for the first time.  And a mini-goal was to be wearing the size 22 Sydneysiders t-shirt, and I had achieved that.  I’m forth from the left, back row – just look for the Lorna Jayne headband – she makes them in my size!

And then Mish arrived!  It was really happening.  I think I’m in a slightly different position in these shots – just look for the purple headband.

And look here – proof I was feeling positive – despite the nagging doubts I’d had since waking up that morning.

I was so excited in fact that when it came time to do the workout I forgot to start my HRM – so please, no questions about how many calories I burned at the workout.

It was great to be there with all the 12wbt Sydneysiders Crew and just amazing that hundreds and hundreds of 12wbt-ers kept arriving.  The atmosphere was great!

But, there was one very special person at the workout.

Just to the left of me in this photo is my special guest with his own Michelle Bridges 12wbt shirt.  Yes, my husband Mr G. agreed to come along and share in the day with me – even though the last time he set foot in a gym was 1997, and the only exercising he’d done since was some walking at a leisurely pace.  (I might be forgetting the time he got on my treadmill for five minutes earlier this year?)

So here we are waiting for the workout to start.  He has no idea what he is in for! He thinks BodyAttack is something our kids do at Taekwondo.

I think he is particularly brave – probably even more daring than going to the midnight screening of “Breaking Dawn” with me.

So here we are working out!  And look – I’m smiling and enjoying it!

Mr G. struggled with coordinating his movements to the music.  And he commented later that it was so confusing – they kept repeating moves and changing moves from side to side and repeating and changing again………but he persevered.

We both think its hilarious that I struggle with being able to identify and name my left and right hands, legs, feet – don’t ask me to sing and perform the Hokey Pokey on my own (you get the idea) – but I can keep up with a BodyAttack routine I’ve never done before.  Mr G on the other hand has a brain wired entirely differently to mine – he can read a map upside down and the right way up – but following an exercise sequence left him baffled. Go figure!  His t-shirt was one of the ones designed for an earlier round.  It says on the front “I smashed it up with Michelle Bridges and all I got was this t-shirt…” and on the back “and lots of lovely meals.  77Noni’s No 1 Supporter”.

Here is how 900+ people ready to work out look like.  An amazing sight!  We followed Mish and her crew in BodyAttack moves as a whole group. Then we broke into four groups and rotated around four stages doing two different exercises at each stage – one standing and one on the ground.  Hadn’t done that since the last Pain in the Park way back in September!

After that there were more routines together as one big group facing the main stage and jogging and exercising in a circle – including 900+ people running towards the centre of the circle and back out again.  It was fabulous to be part of a group that broke the record for the number of people in a workout.









JFDI says it all really doesn’t it!

So once we had cooled down and stretched, there was only one more thing to do.  Another group photo with Mish.

In the end I was so glad I went and did the workout.  Next round I’m determined to make sure I do all I can not to be down on myself if the round doesn’t go perfectly.  It’s not about perfection, just about doing better than your best.

And, I’ll make sure I start my HRM – if you’re going to smash it up with Michelle Bridges, you should know how many calories you’ve burned!

So is it your goal to make it to a finale workout one day?

Yesterday’s Post

Well I sat down at the computer hours ago.  Plan was to log in my cals for the day with myfitnesspal then do my blog post about the Round 3 2011 Finale workout.   Hmm here it is 12.30am and I’m just getting started.  Not good.  What happened to my resolution you ask?  Well you probably are the reason – or very likely – someone you know!

Let me back track.  At first my computer wasn’t logging me onto myfitnesspal.  Hmmm.  A regular person would then go onto the next task – the Finale blog post.  Me – I got sidetracked on Facebook.  Bigtime.  I am now a member in five six 12wbt Facebook Groups – Sydneysiders, 30+ Crew, 8 Week Challenge (A sub-group of 30+ Crew), Blue Mountains, Shredder Face and Western Sydney Crew.  Between the five groups and friends and the 12wbt group on myfitnesspal – I was continually chatting, reading and laughing out loud for about 4 1/2 hours.

But why soooo long?  Well firstly, I’m on holidays, so I can go a little crazy.  Secondly, the world suddenly got a lot smaller.

It turns out someone I’ve been arranging to meet up with at a gym tomorrow is actually closely related to someone I used to work with – thought the surname was familiar.  

Other people besides me are excited about learning to ride a bike, helping others to ride a bike and generally feeling positive about the whole process. Check a previous post for the story behind this one.  (Too tired to put the link in right now.)

Someone I met online tonight, who I’m doing a group bushwalk with next week lives around the corner from the school where I teach.

And they are only three of the conversations that had me laughing, crying and looking forward to the next part of this journey.

And it made me think of these photos.  This first one is the first group of Pain in the Park, just before round 3 2011 started.  That’s me – back row, third from the left, but I’m sure you knew that.  This group of Sydneysiders made me feel really welcome.  It was my first time meeting anyone from 12wbt away from a computer monitor. My only regret is that I let my shyness hold me back when it came to talking to the other members there.  I was so glad I went along.  (And so pleased that the size 26 shirt I’m wearing is no longer part of my wardrobe, and I’m wearing a size 22 Sydneysiders shirt.)

This one is from the next Pain in the Park workout I went along too.  And this particular task terrified me at first, because it was a team task, and I was so worried about not being strong enough or fast enough, and letting my team down.  I shouldn’t have worried – not when I was surrounded by people smiling, and laughing and just simply doing their best.  I realised that’s all I had to do too.  And even better – managed to burn some calories while having fun! (But don’t let AC know I was having fun!)

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and chat to other 12wbt-ers in the forums, on Twitter, by commenting on blog posts, on Facebook or anywhere else.  Ask questions. Ponder out loud. Vent, if you need people who understand to hear you, and listen. Don’t hesitate to offer your support.  We’re all on our individual journeys – but I’ve no doubt we all understand the commitment needed, the importance of consistency and the difference of a smile can make – either a virtual smile or one in “real” life.

I know I can’t do this alone.

I know for sure now I don’t have to do this alone.

I know now I don’t want to do this alone.

And that’s probably the most important thing I gained from Round 3 2011.

Indoor Triathlon – Week 4 Mini-milestone

My fourth week Mini-Milestone for 12wbt was going to be something to do with running/jogging/shuffling.  The sprained ankle meant that was not going to happen.

So, instead I’m going to see how well I can go in an Indoor Triathlon.

1.  Stationary Bike – 20 minutes of “Random Hill” program on level 8 – how many kms?

2. Treadmill – 20 minutes of power walking 0 incline, speed 5kms/hr – how many kms?

3. Swimming – laps of pool, starting with freestyle, then with kick board to go 20 minutes – how many metres in 20 minutes.

I’m going to do it tomorrow morning at the gym.

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