Birthday present to myself!

This morning I did a Curves smart workout.  It was my 81st workout at Curves since joining in 2008.  When I get to 100 workouts I will get my 100 workout tshirt.  If I workout three times a week consistently, I will achieve my 100th workout by the end of July.  A little after my birthday – but on the day of my birthday the end will be in sight!

I was pleased with my workout today.  Total calories burned were 409.  And I achieved green dots on all but two of the muscles.  Most machines I go over 10 reps  – some I consistently got 12 reps in the thirty seconds.  And the second time on the squats I got to 9, doing nice deep squats with good posture.

There will be no Curves on Monday becuase of the Public Holiday – so I will try and squeeze in an extra workout on Tuesday.

Healthy Heart Challenge

I have signed up for the 10 week Healthy Heart Challenge.

My goal is to be active every day. 

Between my son being in hospital on 1/6/11 and a bad head cold since then I haven’t gotten off to the best possible start.  However, on 1/6/11 I did as much incidental activity as possible, by using the ramps and not the lift in the hospital to get from one floor to another.

And tomorrow I intend to do a Zumba class and hit my treadmill.

So, by the end of ten weeks I intend to be a lot healthier by sticking with this challenge.  I’ll also be in the best shape I can be in this point in my life when I do the City2Surf.

As well as losing weight I would hope these other health indicators have improved…

Waist circumference     124cm

Cholesterol                        TC 2.0    LDL    2.3    HDL   1.6   (The TC one is no good at the moment.)

Blood pressure                 130/80

Tuesday Zumba

Tonight I went along to the Tuesday night class with Marcela instructing.  It was my fourth hour long Zumba class.  There were over thirty other Zumba lovers there on this chilly autumn night.  What great fun it was to be a part of a bigger group.  Angela was also there as a guest instructor, and she led some of the tracks/dances.

My coordination is getting better, and I can keep up with most of the movements.  I even got a little hip action going tonight.  I “walk” through some of the more exuberant jumpy movements – as my fitness improves I’ll get a handle on those.  My right knee hurts a little on some of the bends – so I take it carefully – remembering what Fiona said at my first class about listening to my body. 

I worked up a sweat and released a whole lot of endorphins.  I’m going to have a lot of fun side stepping the lap band surgery!