It hurt, but I kept going anyway

I didn’t get a chance to do my SSS yesterday – so SSS on a Sunday it was.

I have been doing the Advanced Lean & Fit program – modified because I have gone over on my ankle twice in the last four weeks – and not while exercising! I have bought a you beaut medium heavy duty support bandage and have been working around the injury. I had planned to do the 10km run training program this round, and the good news is I can comfortably run and jog on a treadmill for over half an hour – so I am going to give the 10km running training a go outdoors this week. I thought I might have to start at week one – but I just looked at the week five program and I think I will be able to do it. And I am planning to enter a fun run on Saturday – so that fits nicely with the training schedule.

But back to the SSS today.

It began with a warm up walk on the treadmill at a steep incline – and then rolling intervals on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  My treadmill measures distance in miles – so it says I did 2.7 miles, which is actually 4.2 kilometres. I can hardly believe I went that far in that time with the amount of walking involved in the warm and during the intervals themselves.

The intervals were in blocks – with the final minute in each block a recovery minute where I walked at a pace of 3.7 m/h. During the working phase of the intervals my top speed was 7.5mph (10km/h) – I can hardly believe I was able to run that fast on the treadmill. But I just printed out the plan from the 12wbt and said to myself JFDI. The intervals were I was jogging at a higher incline were a killer, my legs were burning by the end of the last set.

And this is what I looked like at the end of the rolling intervals.  I love the feeling of the first drip of sweat on my forehead, because I think “now I’m really working” and it reminds me of the saying “Sweat is fat crying”.

Mr G. took the photo for me – I was too bust trying to catch my breath to smile. But I was happy. I can’t believe how great it feels to push yourself to do something further than you thought you were capable of achieving. When I looked at the plans and saw the top speed was 10km/h I thought “I can’t do that” – and then I remembered that the first three letters of can’t spell can.

After the rolling intervals it was time for the AMRAP workout of the training session – upper body and abs.  There were three working phases. In the first working phase I completed 3 circuits and managed to do a couple of reps of a fourth circuit.  The second phase three complete circuits and got half way through the reps of the second exercise. The third working phase I thought this time I was going to go for four complete circuits – and I did it. I told myself I was going to do it and worked out how long I had to do each set of reps. I have a nifty app on my iPhone for timing AMRAPs and a beeper goes off when there is one minute to go. When I heard that beep go I knew I had to dig deep to make the time limit and keep good form.

And the result 653 calories gone! And a whole bucket load of fat crying. Gotta be happy with that!



Everyday I’m shufflin’

I like to run.  Sometime last century I woke up one morning in March and thought I might run today.  I ended up running around the block in bare feet – and I was hooked – and I bought a pair of trainers that afternoon.

Back in 1992 long before I had heard of JFDI or C25K or interval training I started pushing myself a little harder every day.  Six days a week.  For about 30  minutes on 4 week days and 10kms each Saturday and Sunday.  I had left my ex-husband and was living in a share house with two gorgeous guys who encouraged me to go for it.  My mother wanted to know why I was so happy – I told her it was the endorphins.  She started lecturing me about the dangers of taking drugs.  But it was too late, I was already addicted.

A friend from my university days and I were chatting one day, and it turned out she was learning to jog too.  We made the decision to enter the City2Surf.  So we trained on our own and we trained together.  We entered our first Fun Run in June 1992 – The Terry Fox Run – a 5km run around the grounds of Sydney University – where we had studied together.  We were so nervous at the start line.  I remember one of us said to the other at the start line – “So when the gun goes , we run?”  We were both about the same fitness level, but I am a lot taller than my friend, so we agreed if I wanted to stretch my legs a little further than hers the I was to go for it and we’d meet each other at the finish.  We both finished in about 30 minutes.  Very pleased with ourselves.

Our next fun run was the Bay Run.  From memory I think I did the Bay Run’s 7km in about 45 minutes.  What astounded us though was as we were about 3kms from the finishing line, there were the serious athletes running the course for a second time in the opposite direction.  We thought – why on earth would you do that after finishing the 7kms?  Then we realised that 7km + 7km = 14km = the City2Surf.  And it was next week – what were we thinking?

We were so excited the next week.  In 1992 it wasn’t as big as it was last year.  We were in the second group to start next to the Australian Museum.  There were no timing chips in those days, and you had to wait until Tuesday to get your results in the paper, and it took almost as long to find your name amongst the thousands as it did to run it.  I managed to jog most of the way – had to walk for a little bit.  But was pleased with my efforts as I did it in just under 90 minutes.

In October that year we did an 8km Fun Run around Burwood.  That night I went out with a group of friends and met Mr G for the first time.  It was love at first sight – truely.  And running didn’t seem as important any more.  I remember the afternoon of our first date a few days later I went for a run to calm my nerves from my home in Homebush to Bicentennial Park.  I know I went for runs after that – but that’s the last one that sticks in my mind.

So here I am in 2012 – currently 133kgs – and desperate to get that wonderful feeling of freedom I used to get last century, and the endorphin rush.  This post I think explains why I was so badly wanted to do the City2Surf in 2010 – at 165kgs and with absolutely no training.  I started the C25K program last round of 12wbt, but after spraining my for ankle the second time in ten days (not while running – just walking long a grassy footpath) – my doctor said no running for 12 weeks.

Well twelve weeks has come and gone. And along with the passage of time came the “Paralysis by analysis”.

All that changed last Thursday. I did a fitness test with some other members of a local 12wbt group.  For part of the 1km time trial I shuffled – without the help of the C25K app.

Then yesterday – the big leap – I was at the gym on the cardio equipment. 20 minutes bike + 20 minutes cross-trainer + 20 minutes treadmill + 5 minutes rower.  When I got to the treadmill, I thought JFDI – just like I did that morning in 1992.  And I alternated 1 minute at 5.5km/hr – my fast walking pace with 6.4km/hour – my shufflin’ pace.  The first two 1 minute intervals at 6.4km/h I hung on to heart rate bar as if my life depended on it – and the third time I let go.  It was great.  After less than 10 minutes total I’m hooked again. So, I’m off to get a properly fitted pair of runners.  C25K starts Monday!  First Fun Run – Sri Chinmoy on the 19th February – the 2 mile event – 3.22 kilometers.  My first running goal is to attempt this distance on the 19th without stopping – jogging, shufflin’ or crawling.

Farewell 2011

I am completing two challenges at the moment in the 12wbt 30+ Crew – 8 Week Challenge.

Yesterday was day 2 of the Impossible Challenge for me.  We had to try and do something – even non weight loss related – that we thought would be impossible for us.  And – I love this part – even if we don’t achieve what we set out to do, we are not failures.  Just by giving it a go we are a success.

Day One – 30/12/11 – try to burn 1000 calories in one session.

I did a BodyVive class and then one and a half hours on cardio equipment in gym -the stationary bike, x-trainer and treadmill.  When I finished the 30 minutes on the treadmill, my plan was to hit the rower with everything I had left – do 2000m in about ten minutes and crack the 1000.

However, my gym is a reasonably small one – and there are only two rowing machines.  Both had just been taken by a very fit looking couple – who looked quite comfortable on the rower seats.  My legs were a little wobbly – so I couldn’t face any of the other equipment for a second time.  So I called it a day.

I was not disappointed though.  I have NEVER burnt anywhere near that in a continuous session before.  I was very pleased.

And most importantly – because of the nature of the challenge I felt like a success.  And I knew that the next time I attempted do make 1000 calories I’d be able to do it.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know I’ve never done a SSS.  Well all that changed yesterday.











Well this it what I looked like after my first SSS on the left (my “Shredder Face” complete with sweaty tendrils of hair that had escaped from my ponytail) and the photo on the right is what my HRM looked like – and as you can imagine it made me really made me happy.

I was so pleased I did it in under three hours.  I started at 9.30am and I was prepared to keep going until sunset if I needed to!

As it turned out I didn’t need to do a 12 hour session. I achieved the 1000 calories by doing BodyPump, Sh’Bam and 63 minutes on cardio equipment (rower, bike and treadmill.)

I was looking at my HRM when I was on the treadmill as it got to 999 – and I watched it click over to 1001.  I will never forget that moment.  I stayed on the treadmill to complete 2kms – but that’s another challenge altogether.  (And if you follow me on facebook you’ll already know about that one!)

So, I have no regrets in life.  I am tempted to wish I had attempted a SSS sooner – but I will not allow negative backward thinking anymore.  I am just glad I did it yesterday.  Training wise – it was probably the highlight for me in 2011.

But what I can say to you if you are new to 12wbt is don’t underestimate yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  You don’t have to compete with others.  You just have to strive to do the best you can do.

So, what was your best training achievement in 2011?

(To see more Shredder Faces – and share your own training achievements head to and ask to join the group.)

My goals

Well obviously I want to discard 78 kgs – hopefully I’ll be close to meeting that goal by the end of the summer months in 2013.  However, I know that if that was what I judged my progress on it would be a very tedious journey.  And at times the goal would no doubt seem insurmountable.

So, the goals I will focus on will be relatively short term and behaviour focussed.  I want to experience success.  And if I experience success in the behaviour related goals, then theoretically the kilograms will seemingly melt away.  Thanks to a couple of challenges I have signed up for on have given me both short term and mid-term goals.

Short term goals – Behaviour related

13/6/11 to 19/6/11 – 30 minutes on treadmill Monday – Saturday, ramping up the incline as much as possible.  (Week 3 challenge for Twilight Challenge.)  This one is going to be tricky – have to get up at 5.30am each morning to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/7/11 – Zumba workouts at least three times a week (Zumba Challenge)

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 -Track calories eaten every day on

13/6/11 to 31/7/11 – Achieve 100 workouts at Curves.  Currently at 81 workouts, need to consistently go 3 times a week to achieve this one.

13/6/11 to 13/8/11 – Walk 216 kilometres on treadmill.  Possible if I consistently walk 30 minutes 6 times a week.

Mid term goals – Achievable if I achieve short term behaviour goals.

14/8/11 – Complete the City2Surf in under 3 hours.

18/11/11 – Have discarded a total of 22kgs for the Breaking Dawn premiere. (Twilight Challenge)

Trudging on the treadmill

My new routine on Sunday mornings is to go for a long walk – 2 hours.  Last time I did this from home I covered just under 9.5kms.  Today the weather wasn’t that good so I decided on a long walk on my treadmill instead.  I was pleased with my efforts – 7kms in 1 hour.

I know walking on the treadmill is different to walking out in the real world – but if I can work on this pace – and add in more inclines than I did today, I have a shot at doing the city2surf in two hours!  The main thing is today proves to me that if I continue to train and work at it I can definitely do the 2011 city2surf in under 3 hours.  (Inclines – today for the first time I kept the incline up at 2 for over 50 minutes – and increased it to 4 for short intervals.)

But here’s the thing – how many calories can I count for this hour of exercise?  According to the treadmill its 650 calories.  My runkeeper app says 446 calories.  And says 980 calories!  Well, I’ve left the entry of 980 calories on myfitnesspal.  However, rest assured I don’t intend to eat all those calories tonight!