12wbt Blogging Challenge – A Picture of Health

What is a picture of health?

To be at a healthy BMI.

To no longer be morbidly obese.

To not have to worry excessively about Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart problems, being in that pine box before my time.

Whenever I have worked at losing weight in the past it has always been for vanity related reasons – you know – “I wanna be a size 10”.  But this time it’s all about being healthy for the rest of my life.

I’m making changes now I’m going to maintain for the rest of my life.  I’ve started down a positive path now, and there’s no turning back.  I am determined that I am not going to need lap band surgery to get to a healthy weight.

After six and half weeks of changing my life I’m enjoying exercise and enjoying good healthy food in sensible portions.  And, probably most importantly, I’ve got a healthy attitude towards myself and a belief that I can achieve.

My current BMI is 42.28. I’ll be doing round after round of 12wbt until my BMI is under 25.  Then I’ll feel like I’m healthy.

No longer oLD

A couple of years ago when I weighed at least 165kgs I got on my scales at home and they said oLD.  I thought that’s a bit rude I’m only 43!  I got again, and they said the same thing.  And then I looked at the back to see if there was something wrong with the battery, and I noticed they had a limit of 150kgs.  So the oLD meant I had overloaded the scales.  I was horrified.  But unfortunately, not horrified enough to take positive action.

So this time last year I know I was still 165kgs.  At the start of this 12wbt preseason I was 155kgs.  I tried getting on the scales last week – and when I couldn’t even get them to come on (despite having replaced the battery) I decided to order a basic set from Tanita – which gives 12wbt members a discount.  It was a risk, because they only weigh up to 150kgs.

This morning I stepped on my shiny new scales for the first time.  And I am pleased to say my weight was 148.3kgs!  After three and a half weeks of preseason changes I have discarded 7kgs.

I am no longer oLD.


Weigh and Measure June 2011

I did my monthly weigh and measure this afternoon at Curves.

Results are :

Weight          155.6kg                Down 0.9kg
Bust               Down 1.5cm
Waist             Up 4cm ????
Abdomen    Down 2cm
Hips               Up 1.5cm
Thighs          Down 5cm 
Arms            Down 1cm 
Body fat      Down 0.2%
BMI              Down 0.27
Not outstanding results – but I have lost almost a kilo, and I am pleased about that since there was a two week lapse in my plan since the May weigh in.  The trainers at Curves were very encouraging and supportive.  I know I can do this!

Healthy Heart Challenge

I have signed up for the 10 week Healthy Heart Challenge.


My goal is to be active every day. 

Between my son being in hospital on 1/6/11 and a bad head cold since then I haven’t gotten off to the best possible start.  However, on 1/6/11 I did as much incidental activity as possible, by using the ramps and not the lift in the hospital to get from one floor to another.

And tomorrow I intend to do a Zumba class and hit my treadmill.

So, by the end of ten weeks I intend to be a lot healthier by sticking with this challenge.  I’ll also be in the best shape I can be in this point in my life when I do the City2Surf.

As well as losing weight I would hope these other health indicators have improved…

Waist circumference     124cm

Cholesterol                        TC 2.0    LDL    2.3    HDL   1.6   (The TC one is no good at the moment.)

Blood pressure                 130/80