The Plan

As of 4/6/12 I will begin the plan to train mean, eat clean and think lean – and move from being at an almost intermediate training level to advanced by the end of Round 2 2012.

This training plan will help me achieve my goals.

  • Mon – BodyPump (AM)   Zumba (PM)
  • Tue – RPM (AM)  C25K (PM)
  • Wed – RPM +  swim (AM)
  • Thurs – BodyPump (AM) c25K (PM)
  • Fri – Rest day
  • Sat – SSS = Weights in gym + Cardio in gym+ Sh’Bam
  • Sun – RPM + BodyBalance + c25K
  • Some Sundays I will be entering fun runs/training with a group for the city2surf  + doing outdoor workouts with Sydneysiders – on those weeks I will be doing BodyBalance on another day of the week.


Gear Up! Preseason Task 4

As of 30/1/12 I will begin the plan to train mean – to move from an beginner to intermediate training level by the end of Round 1 2012.

This training plan will help me achieve my goals.

  • Mon – Pump (AM)
  • Tue – RPM + 10min swim (AM)  Zumba (PM)
  • Wed – RPM + 10min swim (AM) Yoga (PM)
  • Thurs – Pump (AM)
  • Fri – RPM + 10min swim (AM)
  • Sat – SSS = Pump + Sh’Bam + Cardio in gym
  • Sun – Rest day
  • On Saturdays and two other days I will also be running for 30mins – initially following the c25k program.
  • Some Sundays I will be entering fun runs+ doing outdoor workouts with Sydneysiders – on those days Friday will be my rest day.

As of 1/1/12

Prepare to start Round 1 2012 of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT

  • Keep up with the 30+ Crew 8 week challenge.
  • Set goals for the next six weeks.
  • Stick to 1200 calories a day
  • Track calorie intake on every day – regardless of whether I have stuck to the 1200 calories or not.
  • Train enough to burn at least 500 calories Monday – Friday and 1000 calories on Saturdays.
  • Revisit the podcasts of the mindset lessons from Round 3 2011.
  • Get properly fitted for a new pair of running shoes – got some Christmas present cash burning a hole in my pocket.
  • Start the C25K program after getting new shoes.
  • Do the 5.5km Walk event in the Sydney Resolution Run

As of 11/8/2011

Prepare to start Round 3 2011 of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT

  • Do all the preseason activities.
  • Adapt the menu plans and use the recipes from the Crunchtime cookbook.
  • 2 x Pump classes a week
  • 3 x Zumba classes a week
  • Work out in gym on cardio equipment 3x a week
  • Yoga DVD 1x a week
  • Start the C25K – three times a week.
  • 28th August – Parkinson’s Unity Walk
  • 28th August – Pain in the Park


  • I need support, guidance and a framework to follow.  I can’t do this alone.
  • And I’m not going to wait until the season officially starts – it all started Thursday 11/8/11 with the Pump class.

As of 17/5/2011


  • Updating this blog regularly.
  • Reading comments readers of this blog leave – yes that means you!
  • Being an active and supportive member of the Yahoo weight loss group.
  • Monthly weigh in and measure with Curves coach.
  • Wanting to get closer to my 1992 City2Surf time – when I jogged and did it in way under 2 hours.
  • Seeing a noticeable difference in the finish line photo from the 2010 City2Surf to the 2011 City to Surf. (Yes, I actually did the City2Surf at 165 kgs with absolutely no training.  Needless to say I walked ( and rested) the entire way.)
  • Fitting into the bathrobe at Solar Springs when I visit in 2012.  (They provide a one-size-fits-all robe for you to wear to the spa when you have a spa treatment, I had no hope of wearing it in the privacy of my room – let alone through the public areas of the building.)
  • Fitting into some of my old clothes again.
  • Monthly weigh in with GP – and hearing her say the words “I don’t think you need to consider lap band surgery anymore”.


  • workday breakfast, lunches and snacks – Lite’n’easy 1800 calorie program.
  • twice a week – Lite’n’easy evening meal
  • weekend breakfasts, lunches & snacks and all other evening meals – good healthy meals, sensible portions, and no counting anything.  (And since I love to cook I’ll make one special dessert and one baked treat on the weekend)


  • Curves – 2 x Zumba Fitness Circuits and one Curves Smart circuit a week.
  • Three hour long Zumba classes a week – sometimes four if I have time! 😉
  • Six mornings a week – half an hour on treadmill (currently just under 4kms in that time) and a half hour yoga DVD.
  • Sundays – training for the City to Surf – a ten kilometre walk.  Then a longer yoga DVD in the afternoon.

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