Vanishing Act


October 2010 – 165kgs

As far as I know this is my heaviest weight. I begin the 1800 calorie Light and Easy plan (plus extra because I am always hungry) and ignore the fact that I have a treadmill, a Curves membership, Zumba DVDs and fabulous bushwalking tracks five minutes away.

May 2011 – about 158kgs

Return from Solar Springs weekend feeling positive and ready to make changes. Start going to Curves again, take up Zumba and walking and still eating 1800+ calories a day on Light and Easy.

August 2011 – 155kgs

Sign up for 12wbt Round 3 2011.

December 2011 – 136.9kgs

End of Round 3 2011.

February 2012 – 130.0kgs

Start of Round 1 2012.

May 2012 – 118.6kgs

End of Round 1 2012.

June 2012 – 116.4kgs

Start of Round 2 2012

August 2012 – 104.8kgs

End of Round 2 2012 and start of Round 3 2012

As I first write on this page in June 2011, at 156.5kg, it will not surprise you to know that I avoid getting my photo taken.  However, I am going to change that behaviour as this page of my blog will document in pictures the changes taking place with my physical form.

So here I am in August 2008, probably weighing about 165kgs.  My long hair is scraped back into a ponytail, not because I particularly like it that way, but because I don’t feel its worth spending the time and money on having it nicely styled when I feel the rest of my appearance is so bad.  This is taken at one of the dinners we had for my husband’s 50th birthday, and I remember feeling so self conscious about my size.

Not a good shot I know – but there aren’t very many to choose from.  This is me in July 2010 at my daughter’s 9th birthday party.  I definitely weighed 165kgs here – and was feeling really despondent about my weight.

Now here’s a great candid shot – thanks kids! -eating in bed and obviously not feeling good about myself.  The brown substance on my bread is probably Cheesymite – or maybe Nutella.  A Sunday morning in July 2010, definitely didn’t get up and go for a 9km walk on this morning.  Didn’t even have the energy to sit up and eat.  At least the eyebrows are looking better!

So here is a very different Sunday morning where I actually got out of bed early to exercise!  But not just any only stroll around the block, the 14kms of the City to Surf in Sydney.  I am past exhaustion at this point.  I had done no training.  I was still going through sheer determination and will power.  And needless to say as well as feeling elated that I had walked the 14kms to Bondi Beach, I was also feeling so bad about my physical appearance and my lack of fitness.

And here is the proof that I actually crossed the finish line!  I did it in 3 hours, 22 minutes and 10 seconds.  My goal in 2011 is to finish the 14kms in under 3 hours.  And be smiling for the cameras when I do so!

Here I am at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in April 2011.  Too big to fit on the rides safely, I had to wait with lifeless pirates while my family had all the fun.

Now here’s a great shot – thanks DH, gotta love my family and their candid photos – this is on the 4km Mother’s Day Classic walk in Parramatta Park in 2011.  I had actually done some exercise before the day (this was a week after the life changing Solar Springs visit in 2011).  I completed the 4kms in under 1 hour, and it didn’t seem as difficult as it had the year before.  I weigh about 156.5kgs in this photo.  In 2012 I plan to do the 8km walk instead of the 4km – and maybe I might do the run!

Here I am at the finish line of the 2011 Blacktown City Fun Run.  I did the 10km walk.  I did it in 1 hour and 58 minutes.  So if I can keep up that pace for the City 2 Surf in August I’ll do that in 2 hours and 45 minutes.  There was one long hill – but apart from that it wasn’t too much of a struggle for me.

Here I am on my 46th birthday – not out celebrating – just blowing out the candles on a cake at home – while wearing my pyjamas and dressing gown – and avoiding the camera – hence the strange angle.

This is me at the start of the Parkinson’s Unity 4km walk in August 2011. I was now probably 150kgs, proudly wearing a Sydneysiders cap. I completed the 4kms in 48 minutes.

Here I am that afternoon at the first Pain in the Park session with other members of the Sydneysiders crew.  Yes, that’s me second from the left in the back row.  When I first saw this photo I didn’t recognise myself  – I was in complete denial about how big I was.  That shirt is the one item of “fat clothing” I am going to keep.

I think this will probably prove to be the pivotal moment of my journey back to health and real happiness. I was so overcome with what Mish herself described as “raw emotion” that I just became a blubbering mess when I went to get my photo taken with her. I had lost 14kgs in the four weeks of preseason and first four weeks of the twelve weeks. And I had literally poured myself into the size 22 Sydneysiders shirt – at least I could breathe.

This is a book signing on the second last day of Round 1 2011.  My friends made sure I didn’t cry this time. It was such a pleasure to meet Michelle again – and I was thrilled that she remembered me from the Outdoor Workout in the photo above. Not because I am fat. Not because I cried. But because I am tall! (Though I think she must have been wearing a pair of killer heels at this book signing.) I was so disappointed with how my body looks in this photo – almost 20kgs down from the start of preseason and I still look morbidly obese – not suprising really since I was!

This is a very important photo. Mr G and my mum often went in the Santa photos each year with Miss G and Master G. I never did, because I was too ashamed of my weight and felt that I would be spoiling a happy photo. Not anymore.  I’m almost 30kgs down from my heaviest weight, wearing a top I’ve never been able to fit into and feeling really happy and confident. Best Christmas present I could have given myself.

This is the book signing in Penrith at the beginning of February 2012 for the new “No Excuses” cookbook. There was a huge crowd, so I didn’t get a chance to have a photo standing with Mish – but I’m pretty sure I’d be happier with how I was looking than the last one!





Okay – I’m behind on updating these photos – so I’m just going to fast forward the photo uploads (though I will come back and fill in the gaps).
Here I am on the red carpet at the Round 1 2012 Finale Party in Melbourne. About 119kgs and wearing a size 20 dress.









And here I am at the Round 2 2012 Finale Party, on the catwalk on the stage with the 19 other Top 20 Finalists for the round! Could not believe it – still finding it hard to believe almost two weeks later. I weigh about 103kgs and its a size 16 dress – and not from a Plus Size store.









Fast forward in time….

So I’ve been quite negligent in terms of keeping this page up to date. So here is a quick catch up.

January 2013











This is January 2013. I was on holidays in Queensland for two weeks, so had not weighed in since before Christmas. I would guess I weighed about 94kgs. I was two weeks into training for my first half marathon.

February 2013











Back in Queensland for the Brisbane Finale Party, February 2013.  About seven weeks into training for the half marathon.

10km of half








Approaching the 10km water station at the half marathon – just minutes before things went pear shaped. My thought at the 15km mark when every single step was a mental and physical struggle? “Well this will be an easy PB to beat next year.”

September 2013 450











On my 48th birthday in July 2013. I have just returned from a 5:30am training run in preparation for the upcoming city2surf. I would have weighed just over 100kg.

September 2013











Waiting to start the 9km Bridge Run (part of the Blackmores Running Festival) in September 2013.  About 104kg.












All dressed up for the last 12wbt Finale Party in Sydney in November 2013. And yes, I’m wearing running shoes with my fancy frock. This is a couple of weeks after having the plaster removed from my left foot. (The support brace is visible above the left shoe.) About 104kg – and it’s a size 14 dress.

dec 13











Enjoying a coffee date with my husband while doing the Christmas shopping 21st December, 2013.









February 2014 in the OneActive fashion parade at the 12wbt Brisbane Summer Festival.












March 2014 ready to head to the theatre to see Strictly Ballroom.












June 2014 coming up to the last 100 metres of the Penrith Lakes parkrun. Still doing walking and running intervals while recovering from the supermarket ankle injury.  About 105kg.










7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. leanfitstrongandhealthy
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 13:36:37

    You have to update.. your success’s are awesome !!!


    • 77noni
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 14:03:02

      Thank you so much 🙂

      Yes, I have neglected this page. It’s just that every time I look at photos I see the same person finishing the Blacktown City Fun Run back in June 2011. So, I haven’t even opened this page and looked, and really compared to be totally honest. I’ll get onto it in the next couple of days.

      Leonie x


  2. Pooja
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 13:42:02

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! you are so inspiring, just what I need right now!


  3. Heather
    Apr 23, 2013 @ 22:31:19

    You might not like how you look in the second photo with Mish, but the thing that strikes me is you look happy, really properly happy and excited about something. Seeing that you look happy in that makes me feel better about starting the 12WBT more than any of the others – maybe torturing myself won’t be so bad after all


    • 77noni
      Apr 23, 2013 @ 22:41:38

      Hi there Heather 🙂
      When I started 12wbt I was only interested in losing 89 pesky kilograms as quickly as possible. But you’re right, in as little as one round I rediscovered things about myself and transformed in many more ways. And I am in a lot happier place now than I was in that photo.
      And in terms of the “torture” 😉 – remember, no one said it would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it. Including me.
      Leonie x


  4. Kerri-Anne Booth Spinks
    Nov 16, 2013 @ 21:40:00

    WOW! So impressive Leonie! I can only hope that I have the same drive & determination to make the necessary changes in my life like you have. Maybe I’ll catch up with you at one of the run/walks 🙂


  5. ericawildey
    Jul 26, 2014 @ 17:41:09

    You are amazing!! Wow!! Look at the changes!!


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