So on the 2/5/2011 I pulled up in the car park outside Curves.  The vertical blinds were not totally closed and I could see members inside moving to Latin rhythms.  Not quite how I remembered it on my last visit in October 2010.  I was a little hesitant – the sign said “Curves” – but it wasn’t the Curves I was expecting.

As I got out of the car I told myself – “Just do it” – and got my bag and went inside.  What I found inside was an unexpected hybrid of the Curves circuit and a Zumba class.  In fact it was a “Zumba Circuit”.  The next circuit was starting in about 10 minutes and I was invited to join in with that circuit. 

So instead of doing 30 seconds on a machine, then thirty seconds of self guided cardio recovery for two rounds of the circuit – the Zumba circuit involved one minute of Zumba, one minute on a machine for one round of the circuit.  The music was infectious – everyone was smiling – how could I say no?  I got changed and waited for the next circuit.

Half an hour has never passed by so quickly.  And what an endorphin rush! I was hooked. I signed up for the Wednesday night and the following Monday night circuits straight away.

I couldn’t wait to get home to find out where I could do regular Zumba classes as well.  Since the 2/5/10 I’ve done 5 Zumba Circuits at Curves and 4 regular Zumba classes.  I’ve even dusted off the Zumba DVDs I insisted my husband buy me for Christmas 18 months ago and I have never used.

The moral of the story.  Don’t be frightened to give anything a go.  Don’t be put off trying something because you are overweight and/or unfit.  And keep trying different things till you find the exercise that is right for you.

http://www.zumba.com/ to find a Zumba class (including Curves circuits) near you.

http://www.curves.com.au/the-workout/zumba-fitness.php with a short video of the circuit

The days of me being a couch potato are long gone!

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